Life is very different from first year to third year...


In first year, you thought you knew all you’d ever need to know about what it meant to be a student. What you failed to realise, however, is the vast difference in the meaning of various aspects of student life for a first year compared to their meaning to a third year.

You might be at the same uni, but these are two very different places!

We’ve decoded the real meanings of some of the most important words to any student for you, right here!



1. Library

1st Year – A mythical place apparently filled with books. You may have vaguely heard some students in the years above talking about it, maybe you’ll even visit it once to see what it’s all about! One thing that’s for sure is that you definitely won’t spend more than five minutes in there until at least 2nd year.

3rd Year – The place where most of your social interactions take place and the majority of loan is spent on overpriced sandwiches and coffee. Basically, home.

2. trebles

1st Year – The thing you drink more of than water. Otherwise known as the reason you can’t look that group of coursemates in the eye anymore.

3rd Year – The poison that your body won’t let you drink anymore. If you decide to go against your gut reaction and consume them anyway you will pay heavily for it tomorrow, when you’re knelt over a toilet vomming your guts up.

3. hangover

1st Year - What’s that?

3rd Year - The crippling reaction that your poor ageing self has every time you so much as look at alcohol.

4. friends

1st Year – Everyone! Even as you narrow down the group later in the year, there’s still the trusty 26 people who you can count on for every night out.

3rd Year – About 10 people who you genuinely couldn’t deal with life without. Plus, you actually hang out as a group sober too – it’s wild.

5. Student loan

1st Year – Free money! It may never last long enough but you couldn’t get that Freshers’ experience without it (basically the fuel for your nights out).

3rd Year – Something you’re starting to think you will never actually be able to pay back. Still worth it though!

6. job

1st Year – A problem for Future You that you won’t have to think about for AGES.

3rd Year – Something you wish you’d thought about earlier. You’re meant to have some knowledge about this now but, instead, it causes you major anxiety and sleepless nights as you have absolutely no clue what you want to do. Also, the favourite topic of family at all gatherings, pushing you closer and closer to your imminent breakdown.


7. exams

1st Year – Something you’re definitely not looking forward to. But, hey, you only need 40% - how hard can it be?

3rd Year – The absolute bane of your life. The deciding factor on the value of all of the work you’ve done in the last three years and the reason you’ve developed a mild caffeine addiction.

8. night out

1st Year – Nearly every night, it might start getting a bit samey by summer term but that doesn’t stop it being fun!

3rd Year – Once a week (twice if you’re feeling crazy) where you absolutely let go and enjoy every last minute with your friends until you’re forced to leave uni for good.

9. 9am

1st Year - A time you haven’t seen (and have no intention of seeing again) since you left school.

3rd Year - A bit late to be getting up if you want to find a library seat. What is this, amateur hour?!

10. home

1st Year – A place you miss! You’ve made a few trips back there since the start of term, you’d miss your family too much otherwise!

3rd Year – Home is uni, home home is your family home, and home home is a place you're not ready to to go back to yet. Yes, you love your family and yes, they actually use the central heating, but that doesn’t mean you want to live with them instead of with your best friends and a tonne of independence.

11. lectures

1st Year – Things that you skip, especially if they occur before 10am.

3rd Year – Things you actually have to go to if you want a hope in hell at a decent degree. However despite attending daily doses of mind-numbing boredom you still have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

12. The End

1st Year – Something that is a long, long way away – three years is basically FOREVER, right?

3rd Year – Something that is very much in sight, as much as you try to avoid it. The thing about time is that it really does fly when you’re having fun and you have absolutely no idea how the best years of your life are suddenly coming to an end.

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