Pick right, you can get a degree by making wine, performing at Glasto or going to Notting Hill Carnival...

There are some really weird things you can study. Here's some of the best! If you fancy reviewing the modules you've taken, we'd love to hear your opinion here.

1. FOOD1130, Traditional Alcoholic Beverages - University of Leeds

which fun leeds university module beer wine making

A genuine quote from the module summary; ‘would you like to visit breweries or a vinyard and sample the produce?’. Yes. Obviously.


2. EDUC2381, Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion - Durham University

which fun durham university module harry potter studies

Some of Harry Potter was also filmed in Durham. If you never got your Hogwarts letter you still can study ‘Magic, reason and reality’. Prerequisites: none.


3. W900, Aerial Performance as part of a Contemporary Circus degree - Bath Spa

which fun bath spa university module circus aerial performance glastonbury

Described as a ‘fusion of art forms’, you can literally take a degree that includes performing at Glasto as part of the course. Shame you have to commit to the whole two years.


4. 4BUSS002W, Entertaining London - University of Westminster

which fun westminster university module entertaining london dancing policeman

Open to almost all Westminster students, this course is the study of fun things in London. They even do ‘group field research’ on Notting Hill Carnival as part of the module.


5. C617, Golf Tour - Newman University, Birmingham

which fun newman university birmingham module golf science studies

Alongside golf-science and golf coaching, there is 20 credits of playing a competitive golf tour. Probs pretty easy to mark.


6. NBS-6-ARC, Artisan Chocolate - London Southbank University

which fun london southbank university module baking chocolate artisan course

Apparently the course will ‘enable you to work in different organisational contexts’. And eats loads of chocolate.


7. COSE50581, Technical Games Production - Staffordshire University

which fun staffordshire university module nerd video games

This module comes from a whole course based on video games. Similar modules available at Staffordshire include Virtual & Augmented Reality.


8. SOUD1077, Sailing and Powerboating - Plymouth University

which fun plymouth university module dinghy yacht operations seamanship

This module gives students ‘essential seamanship skills’ including how to sail a dinghy. I’m not joking. It’s part of a course called ‘Yacht Operations’


9. B901, Principles of Contraception - University of Central Lancaster

which fun lancaster university module contraception condom

There is an entire degree that revolves around sexual health. Because being a nurse or GP is far too generic.


10. Musicology and the Beatles - Liverpool Hope University

which fun liverpool hope university module musicology beatles studies

It will cost you £4,500 to textually analyse the Beatles for two years.


11. 4HMDS001W, Yoga and Meditation - University of Westminster

which fun westminster university module yoga meditation relax

You can only take this module if you’re enrolled in the faculty of Science and Technology.


12. AR7006, Forgetting of Air - London Metropolitan

The philosophical study of how we can’t see air? Is that even a subject?!

which fun london metropolitan university forgetting of air philosophy weird


13. THMN1341, An Introduction to Preaching in the Contemporary World - Durham University

which fun durham university module preaching religion pope weird

Open for anyone to take in their first year, whoever said higher education and religion are incompatible? Even the pope has twitter now, #helives


14. Stuff and Nonsense - Queen Mary University

which fun london queen mary university module course taxidermy werid

Alright, this one won’t count towards your degree but at Queen Mary you have the option of doing a course in taxidermy. Equipment is provided, and they give out a prize for the best one at the end.

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