Let's build a time machine and destroy whoever decided that exams should be a thing.

Does that question you answered wrong once upon a time still haunt your dreams? Well, as traumatic as I’m sure that was, it probably doesn’t compare to the recurring nightmares these people have about their exam fails. Scroll down for some of our favourite images, tweets and stories on the biggest exam day blunders!

1.  Well, you’re not wrong…

2. Extreme mental block

“I had a complete mental block and forgot how to spell "if" in my English language exam. I spent most of my time trying to rewrite sentences so that they did not require "if". When I came out of the exam I didn't want to speak to anybody about it, I was too embarrassed. I couldn't even look it up in a dictionary.”


3. You have our sympathy

Tweet 1.PNG

4. We admire your creativity, Jackie!

Tweet 3.PNG

5. Why can’t everyone have this kind of treatment in exams?

“I got bronchitis just before my intermediate certificate, the Irish equivalent of GCSEs, and was pronounced well enough to sit them but in danger of feverish collapse at any point. I was told to bring in a tartan rug to put on the back of my seat, to signify my endangered status to the examiner. Then, in the middle of each exam, a nun solemnly carried in a cup of tea, with two rich tea biscuits in the saucer, and set it on my desk — tracked by glares of pure hatred from everyone else in the hall.”


6. Not actually such a bad idea...

Tweet 2.PNG

7. Damn it Judy! Enough is enough.

8. We all know this feeling

9. Can’t figure it out? Then Do it your own unique way.


10. Small breakdown

“It was the day before the last of my university final exams. I’d had my penultimate exam that morning and planned to go home, have some lunch, and then revise for my last exam. It was all going well up until the moment I tried to pick up my books to start going over my notes; I couldn’t physically do it, and nothing at all seemed to matter anymore. I spent the whole afternoon/evening in my pyjamas binge watching scrubs on Netflix while a small voice in the back of my head screamed and freaked out about the fact that I wasn’t studying. The exam was in the afternoon, so I managed to look over my notes a little in the morning, but even then I felt like I just didn’t care anymore. I can’t remember sitting the exam, but I got a 2:1 overall so I guess it all worked out in the end!”

- Student Hut Intern

11. Know you’re going to fail? Do what these guys did. (But don’t actually..)

This might make difficult watching if you’re prone to cringing/2nd hand embarrassment.

Perhaps if they had put as much time into studying for the test as they did coming up with lyrics/choreography, they wouldn’t be engineering failures...

12. Birmingham burn

13. I hate it when my oil is coarse and rude.

14. Physically fit, physically fit, physically physically physically fit…

15. That’s an idea...

16. Graham Norton appreciating some exam fails

Worth watching to the end!

17. At least he can laugh about it now...

“My friend had such chronic piles during our finals that he had to take a rubber ring into the hall with him. People were laughing at him so much that he had to leave without completing the paper and didn't attend any other exams – or get his degree! He can laugh about it now though.”


18. Top marks for creativity

19. Bless you!

“You would think the worst possible result of a sneeze is it being too loud. This was not the situation for a girl in Bangor. The girl sneezed and hit her head on the desk knocking her unconscious. Imagine the noise! I guess the moral of this story is ‘don’t sneeze too hard’, it can have disastrous effects.”


20. She’s got that vibe

Best of luck with your exams!

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