Because everyone loves a good scandalous student story...

Ah, the Daily Mail - the sturdy backbone of the British media, renowned for exemplifying good journalistic practices and being at the fore-front of cutting edge reporting on burning current issues.

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Many a procrastination session will have begun with a little browse through the Daily Mail Online and their trashy (but so damn clickable) headlines. It’s always especially interesting seeing what they have to say when it comes to students. Do they always get us right? No. Here’s a rundown of some of the most amusing student stories we could find, and the best comments they received.


Carnage headline.PNG

So - a bunch of students in Birmingham and Liverpool took part in the (aptly named) Carnage event last October. What followed this headline was essentially just a series of unflattering images, angled to portray drunk students in the worst light possible (not difficult to do). I’m not saying that I (or Student Hut) condone binge drinking and raucous anti-social behaviour - it’s no wonder that Carnage events have been banned from many student cities in the past few years. However, this isn’t reporting - this is just bait for the bigoted and righteous to delight over, the perfect excuse to express needless hate and judgement.

Carnage comment 1.PNG

(We’re glad you’ve decided not to reproduce.)

Carnage comment 2.PNG

Carnage comment 3.PNG

So much hatred. It’s no wonder we all drink - society is broken *sobs*.

Kitkat headline.PNG

Earning and saving money as a student isn’t easy. With 51% of students surveyed recently by Student Hut expressing that they don’t feel they are getting good value for money from tuition fees, you better believe they are going to do everything they can to get their money’s worth elsewhere. Would I have threatened legal action over a couple of non-wafered Kit Kats? Probably not - but this doesn’t come as much of a surprise in today's expensive student market.

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Kit Kat comment 1.PNG

Procrastination takes many shapes and forms.

Kit Kat comment 2.PNG

Gotta love those uman rights.

3. Bath time Bamboozling

missing bath headline.PNG

Dodgy landlords are an unfortunate problem in student towns and cities across the country, and it sounds like these guys were landed with one of the worst. Am I a terrible person for finding this amusing? Probably. But I’m sure they’ll all look back and laugh about it too, someday...

This story sparked some fairly amusing comments:

missing bath comment 1.PNG

...what did I just read?

missing bath comment 2.PNG

Hardly fair??????????????

missing bath comment 3.PNG

Thanks for sharing, Fan.


Overdraft headline.PNG

It seems like everyone and their nan are trying to profit off students these days, and banks are doing it very well. Shock horror - a reader actually had a good nugget of advice to share:

overdraft comment 1.PNG


Flora AGA Headline.PNG

Class divide seems to be rooted in the psyche of the British populus, and is a (mostly lighthearted) running joke on uni campuses across the country. There’s always that one halls of residence where all the rich students stay, or that one society that seems to be exclusively for the more affluent - and, despite what anyone may say, it’s hard to look at someone the same when you find out that they aren’t paying their way through university with a student loan!

The class divide issue came to the fore last year when the Great British Bake Off’s youngest ever contestant and St. Andrews University student Flora Shedden mentioned in passing that she had an AGA at home. Would that be enough to label her ‘posh’ at most British universities where Sainsbury’s basics baked beans are a staple part of students diets? Probably. But that’s no reason to hate! Some notable comments on the issue:

Flora AGA comment 2.PNG

Flora AGA comment 1.PNG

Thanks for keeping it relevant guys.

6. Sugar baby student scandal
Sugar daddies headline.PNG

Again, where students are concerned, the Daily Mail love having a little poke at just how desperate some are for cash. Is this all very questionable? Yes. But where two consenting adults are involved, who am I to judge? To each his own…

sugar daddies comment 1.PNG

Incredibly tempting.

sugar daddy comment.PNG

Fair point there, Marcus, fair point.

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