The many misconceptions about student life.

The outside world is quick to jump to conclusions about how students spend their time. These stereotypical views are often far-fetched and devalue the student experience. Whether it’s people that have never been to university or those who graduated before you were even born, everyone has an opinion that they are only too happy to share with you.

1. It’s a non-stop party

Students love a good night out but let’s face it, there is the odd lecture and deadline in between. People just don’t appreciate all the effort you’re putting into your degree and parents can be the worst culprits of them all. In a cringey attempt to be ‘down with the kids’ or simply humiliate you in public they’ll ask the most ill-informed questions about your social life (e.g. use of the word ‘discotech’). For parents that do not fall under this category, the alternative is pure denial. These parents are extremely naive and assume that not a single drop of alcohol has ever passed your lips. They raised you to be a sensible adult after all.

Drunk student at university

2. You know all there is to know about your subject

Despite only being at university for a few months you’ll be asked many questions about what you’ve learnt and topics you should have studied - and people will eagerly await your response, presuming that you're an aficionado on the subject. Unfortunately, these mere mortals find it difficult to understand that studying Psychology (for instance) doesn’t mean that you can make professional diagnoses or read minds.

Becoming an expert on your subject at university

3. You spend 90% of your time asleep

Another hurtful judgement. It’s a well-known fact that people think students are lazy and in some cases, rightly so. However, it could be argued that the lengthy naps are justified if you’re super productive when you need to be - there’s nothing wrong with studying in short bursts…

Student asleep in a lecture

4. That you will meet the love of your life

Get married, have kids, the whole shebang.

Everyone: “Met any nice boys/girls at university?” You:

Road rage girl

5. It’s all fun and games

If you haven’t done any of the following, are you even a student?

  • Got freshers flu
  • Stolen a road sign or traffic cone
  • Skipped a lecture (or two, or three…)
  • Set off the fire alarm
  • Covered a flatmates bedroom in foil/wrapping paper/cling film

Students setting fire alarm off

6. You need them to give you career advice

Everyone has an idea about what direction your career path should take, which only adds to the stress of deciding what to do when you graduate. GAH.

Finding a job when you graduate

7. Sending you condiments is useful

When you’re Grandma (or another relative) collects salt and pepper sachets (complimentary biscuits if you're lucky) on her travels to make your life that little bit easier. This is not a charity case.

How about no

8. You can’t cook, clean or anything else for that matter

Apparently a life of independence is not something you are deemed capable of. It is assumed that you live in filth and your diet consists solely of pot noodles, microwave meals and pizza. 

Messy student kitchen


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