A light-hearted look at why being a student from the north is so much better than being a student from the south!

Going to uni provides you with the opportunity to meet people from all different types of backgrounds that are probably very different from your school friends! 

This leads to the inevitable north / south debate that is commonplace at universities all across the UK.

'Northern monkey' and 'southern fairy' are terms which get thrown around far too often, so I'm here to settle this debate once and for all!

Here's a light hearted look at why students from the north reign supreme over our unfortunate friends from the south...


1.  we're very down to earth and realistic with our opinions

karl pilkington down to earth northern

2.  we have a taste for life's culinary luxuries

this is delicious

3.  we've got our priorities straight in the north

biscuits fallen in bew northern student

4.  This sums up southerners perfectly


5.  we have awesome accents

twerk northern accents

6.  we avoid restaurants that serve up pretentious rubbish like this

pretentious food

7.  we're never short of a conversation

welcome to lancashire

8.  We rarely complain about the cold or drizzle

northern students in the rain

9.  our prices - If this was seen in the north, there'd be riots!

freddo prices

10.  we're immune to the cold on a night out

northern students immune to the cold on nights out

11.  We do proper portions

proper northern portion of food

12.  we know how to make a proper brew!

proper tea

13.  they don't do curry sauce or gravy & chips down south


14.  the south can't compete with our beautiful countryside

beautiful countryside in the north

15.  We have our own cheeky, undisputable, northern charm


16.  We understand the importance of good gravy


17.  We have our own irresistible ways of sweet-talking you


18.  There are less 'edgy hipsters' up north


19.  Chatting to strangers isn't seen as psychotic behaviour in the north

chatting to strangers

20.  Drinks are reasonably priced - You don't get £1 a pint nights in London!

reasonably priced drinks in the north

21.  We get proper fish and chips up north

proper fish and chips

22.  We're very self aware and refreshingly honest

sarah millican people laughing

23.  We have a 6th sense for detecting bullshit


24. Being able to rent THE place ON THE RIGHT FOR LESS THAN THE ONE ON THE LEFT!

affordable housing

25.  Because we don't suffer from cockneyitis (Beware - Explicit language!)



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