Unsure what to take to university? This comprehensive list will make sure you don’t forget the essentials.

If you’re starting university next year you have no doubt thought about what you will need to take. It can be difficult to know what exactly you’ll need until you get there but we’ve put together a detailed list. Use it as a guide - there’s lots of things you could just buy when you arrive so adjust it according to your own needs.


  • If you are going to be living in halls in your first year find out what is already there (kettle, toaster etc.), and remember that it will vary depending whether you decide to go for catered or self-catered halls.

  • If you are able to get in contact with your flatmates before moving in, suggest sharing communal items and agree who is going to bring what. You’re not going to need 5 sets of cutlery each.

  • Be realistic and think about what you will actually use. Bringing too many clothes will be a waste of space - wardrobes in halls are not usually very big.

  • Don’t worry if you forget something. University towns will have plenty of shops nearby for you to buy anything else you need.



list of documents to take to unviersity


list of electricals to take to university


things to put in a uni bedroom


list of bathroom items to take to university


list of kitchen items to take to university


stationary to take to university


miscellaneous university items

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