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Benefits of working at BUNAC
  • The chance to work in another country
  • Unique travel opportunities
  • Earn money in your summer holidays
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BUNAC offer vacation opportunities like no other. They give UK students the chance to work, travel and volunteer in countries all over the world, helping them to overcome challenges and have truly unique experiences. With over 40 years experience in the industry, BUNAC are the best in the business when it comes to overseas adventures for uni students.

Summer Camp USA

This is your chance to be a part of the great American tradition of summer camp! BUNAC's Summer Camp USA programme will put you as an activity leader in an authentic camp, working with other organisers to make sure that kids have a summer of a lifetime (and that you do too)!  It's safe to say you'll never have a vacation like this ever again.

bunac summer camp

Work Abroad

Working abroad is a great experience but it's intimidating to organise by yourself: that's where BUNAC come in. They'll take care of finding you work and book you on a group flight with up to 50 other BUNACers so you can make friends before your adventure has even started. Whether you're flying off for a short-term summer vacation stay or a year out after graduation, this is the best way to see the world and earn money while you do it. With packages available in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, there's plenty on offer to satisfy your wanderlust.

Volunteer Abroad

If you want to make a difference to communities in Asia, Africa or the Americas, you should check out BUNAC's volunteering progammes. They'll let you explore different cultures and do something worthwhile at the same time, giving you lifelong memories in the process.

BUNAC will support you throughout your trip with all the help you will need. Programmes last from 5 weeks to 6 months projects and are available at an affordable price - the perfect opportunity for adventurers who want to do some good.

bunac volunteer on vacation

Internship Abroad

Taking part in BUNAC’s internship abroad programmes will see you travel to China to teach English to locals, a task that will challenge and reward you in equal measure. This will give your CV a serious edge in applications and will be a life-changing experience in its own right.

If you'd prefer, BUNAC can also help you get a visa for an internship in America in a different field.

Available positions at BUNAC

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