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Through our direct marketing programme we drive business sales, profit, and share the development of the newest businesses within the Group. Join us.

Full job description

In a nutshell:

Sainsbury’s regularly contacts its base of over 12m customers with communications targeted by content, channel, offer, and discount. Through our very large direct marketing programme we drive business sales, profit, share and the development of the newest businesses within the Group. We identify when customers are at risk of churning and re-ignite their loyalty to the business before they lapse from us. We grow sales from individual customers both to support key categories, but also the business’s overall sales line. We drive additional visits, more items in the basket, and use of more of our multiple channels by our customers. Making proper use of our data is essential to every aspect of this programme.

The successful candidate will determine the appropriate method of customer selection and data sampling and research methodology, analyses and interprets information gained and formulates and implements recommendations and solutions.

There are several analytics sub-teams in Marketing who deliver this programme (approx. 30 analysts in total), focusing on the start and end of the customer journey, our targeted sales-boosting programmes and developing the tools and capabilities we need to make our communications ever more personalised, and even more impactful. We are not a ‘back office’ function, tucked out of the way of decision making. Our analysts take part in every aspect of thinking about the structure of our programmes, and in the decisions we make through the year. This is not the role for you if you want to sit alone and not engage with the commercials of a leading business, nor move beyond the analysis into decision making. If you enjoy applying analytics to real life business questions, and seeing your recommendations come to life, then you will enjoy a job with us.

What you'll need to do:

• To plan and design the targeting and offers for our targeted marketing programme, and run the selections of customers with the many variants of our activities allocated to them

• To forecast, monitor and review the performance of our activity, keeping senior Finance (and other commercial) stakeholders engaged and supportive in our ability to deliver. To understand the success of a campaign, thinking of the balance between sales and profit driven (ROI) and make recommendations accordingly.

• To run and manage regular reporting and post-campaign analysis for all our campaigns, and deliver actionable insights and recommendations from this, so that we always continue to evolve and improve the work we do: ‘standing still’ is not acceptable.

• To work closely with other Marketing colleagues and help develop new programmes and evolve existing campaigns, and to use appropriate analytical and statistical techniques, software and data sources to develop models of customer behaviour as foundations for these campaigns.

• To be an active, participating member of the Analytical team and the Marketing team at Sainsbury’s

How you will succeed:

• Our analysts need to be highly skilled in their understanding and ability with SAS, Excel, and Analytical techniques. We use SAS for the majority of our work and experience (or a willingness to learn) here is vital

• We are branching out in the tools at our disposal - so experience of Unica or similar platforms is also desirable (but not essential)

• We are not a ‘back office’ function. We work collaboratively with the creative and communications teams who run these programmes and are expected to pull our weight in strategic discussions and planning meetings. Teamwork and collaboration is essential.

• Our work does not stop when the code is run. Without sharing our results and making sure the implications of them are understood, we cannot drive the impact we would like. Our best analysts are able to ‘take a step back’ and see the ‘so what’ from their analysis.

• We are an engaged, friendly and welcoming team with a real focus on the customer. Being able to work in a strong team environment, and to contribute to this, will be essential for a successful candidate.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience Required:

Essential for a role with us:

• Technical foundations:
• Strong skills in SAS and experience in development of targeting and customer selections
• Ability to use SQL, i.e. pass through to EDW within SAS
• A broad numerical & analytical background with experience in complex statistical problems 
• Experience with and knowledge of database structures and relational databases
• Ability to use Microsoft Office products, especially Excel

• Shaping the results:
• Experience of providing and applying statistical/marketing modelling for decision making within direct marketing 
• Experience and interest in commercial acumen and business planning

• Sharing the results:
• Experience of managing stakeholders at various levels
• Excellent communicator with the ability to explain complex analytical techniques to non-technical audiences in a clear and positive manner

Also desirable:

• Experience of Regression & Modelling, Chaid or Clustering 
• Understanding data availability, data strengths and weaknesses 
• Use of External data sources e.g. Acorn, Mosaic, Lifestyle & Electoral Roll 
• Knowledge of address processing practices
• Knowledge of Unica or similar business platform

What You need to show:

The technical ability to produce the results 
The business understanding to use the results

Resources available to you:

• Enterprise Data Warehouse – hosts all Nectar customer data and transactional data 
• Knowledgeable colleagues within the Customer Analytics Team and within the wider Analytics community at Sainsbury’s, which is a strongly functioning community
• Training budget

What decisions you can make:

• Approach and methodology of analysis
• Design of customer selection and targeting for each piece of targeted comms
• Narrative of post campaign analysis following on from activity 
• Recommendations for future activity (or non-activity) based on campaign results and business context, and for the allocation of activity budget        

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