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Interested in innovation?  Want to improve products and services for customers and your colleagues? Centrica's IS Programme could be the job for you.

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Interested in innovation?  Want to improve products and services for customers and your colleagues? Information Systems (IS) is the team that provides the application development, design, physical infrastructure and architecture for our entire organisation. In short, it shapes the future of our business.

The IS team’s pioneering approach impacts Centrica at every level. Their innovations make our customers’ lives simpler – for example, so they can easily pay a bill on a mobile device.  Our experts’ work developing Smart Meters lets our customers see their energy use in real time.  Thanks to the Hive thermostat, they can also control their heating and hot water from a smart phone, laptop or tablet.

Our two-year IS Graduate Programme will stretch your skills, in a supportive culture that’s designed to give you what you need to succeed. You’ll follow a tailored development plan for the duration of the programme and get full support through a mentoring scheme and knowledge-sharing sessions. 

With rotations around the team, you’ll be able to try out a variety of roles within a core specialism. Graduates can experience roles covering Service Management, Solution Development and Implementation, as well as Software Development, Infrastructure, Networking and Telephony, and Big Data.

Wherever you work, you’ll find a team of experts dedicated to using technology to its full potential. You’re given responsibility from the start, using Agile and Waterfall methodologies and collaborating to work out solutions to problems. Once you complete the programme, we’ll support you to find a role that meets your career aspirations and our business needs.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 2:1 or 2:2 (with Master’s) in IT related subject, engineering, maths or science

Person Requirements:

  • We’re looking for graduates with vision and determination to join our IS Graduate Programme. Whether IT is your core subject or not, we’re looking for people who are able to combine strong creative thinking with a deep passion for IT and information systems.

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