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Welcome to the Professional Trainee Scheme. First things first: what exactly is the Professional Trainee Scheme? And secondly, why should you apply? In short, it’s a training scheme for graduates and those looking for a career change. It’s a three year scheme where you’ll rotate through a number of placements.

Different placements mean different perspectives of our business, different skills and knowledge to be gained, different opportunities to be explored. The Scheme is a real investment in you. As well as on-the-job learning, working with some of the best in the business, we'll sponsor and support you to complete professional qualifications. Everyone on the Scheme takes the Certificate in Insurance qualification. From there, you’ll progress onto a professional qualification specific to the area of the business that you’re working in. The Scheme also helps us to find and develop people who may, one day, lead and drive our £billion, award-winning organisation on to further success.

Professional Trainee Scheme Paths

  • IT and Business Management – includes placements in areas such as business analysis, strategy and innovation.Click here for more information, key facts and top hints.

  • Finance – offers trainee accountant opportunities and provides experience across three diverse areas of Group Finance. Click here for more information, key facts and top hints.

We firmly believe that the more you’re actively involved in, the more you’re doing, the more you’ll learn and the faster you’ll develop. From day one, you’ll work on live projects with colleagues at all levels of the organisation. Which means genuine responsibility and accountability.

Applications for our 2016 intake are now open. Every year, we look forward to taking on new trainees and watching them grow and develop into amazing, integral parts of our organisation.

If you're looking for incredible support and opportunities and you'd like to build a career on solid foundations, look no further.

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