As Halloween’s just around the corner, it’s time to crack open the popcorn and watch some scary movies to celebrate the spookiest time of the year! Here are top 10 of the best horror movies that you should watch this year:


1.     Halloween (1978)

An obvious addition to this list is the original classic that first saw Michael Myers terrorize our screens. While the scares may be a little dated it still stands as one of the best slasher movies of all time. Plus, with a new Halloween movie coming out on October 19 in the UK, as a direct sequel to the 1978 original, you have to make sure you’re all caught up in time!

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2.     Scream (1996)

This slasher flick combines dark comedy with the ‘whodunit’ mystery to satirize horror movie clichés. While this type of movie may be more common now it was an original concept when Scream came out. With a cast of well-known faces such as Courtney Cox and Drew Barrymore, this film is funny but is also packed full of jump scares and gruesome death scenes.

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3.     Hereditary (2018)

The most recent horror movie on this list this movie shocked audiences in the cinemas earlier this year by how terrifying this movie actually is.  After a family’s grandmother dies the family becomes haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences and they begin to unravel dark secrets about their family’s history. The trailers don’t prepare you for the wild and petrifying ride this movie takes you on and the twisted ending will leave this movie in your mind for a long time.

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4.     It (2017)

The hit horror movie of last year saw Pennywise the clown return to screens to terrify a new generation. Even if you’re not scared of clowns It will have you hiding behind your pillows from jump scares and the other terrifying things It appears as. Plus, the amazing young cast makes this movie stand out by ensuring that you’re crying with laughter one minute and crying with fear the next.

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5.     The Ring (2002)

The Ring is an English remake of a Japanese horror film, and the Japanese are notorious for making the most terrifying movies. The movie follows a legend of a cursed video where whoever watches it dies seven days later. The video itself is full of creepy footage but its Samara that will haunt you way after the movie is over.

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6.     The Grudge (2004)

Another English remake of a Japanese horror, The Grudge is just as terrifying as its Japanese counterpart. While classic Western horror movies usually stick to certain horror movie rules The Grudge obeys no horror movie conventions and appears constantly throughout the film, always when you least expect it. Even closing your eyes won’t stop the scares in this film as the sound editing is just as terrifying as seeing The Grudge itself.

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7.     Final Destination (2000)

Final Destination is a supernatural horror film that doesn’t rely on jump scares or scary monsters but instead uses suspense and gruesome deaths to scare you. This Final Destination sees a group of teens cheat death by leaving a plane before an explosion occurs and the movie follows Death taking the lives of those that were supposed to die. Although the later films in the franchise started to get a little ridiculous this first movie is actually good.

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8.     Saw (2004)

Everyone knows the iconic puppet Billy and the serial killer Jigsaw who plays ‘games’ with their victim. The franchise even has a terrifying ride at Thorpe Park! The Saw franchise has the same problem as Final Destination where the movies just get ridiculous and almost parody themselves because they become overdone. However, the first Saw movie is scary, full of jump scares and suspense as well as a long list of gruesome scenes.

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9.     The Conjuring (2013)

With the latest instalment of the Conjuring universe, The Nun, just being released Halloween is the best time to watch the series from the beginning. The Conjuring is no doubt the scariest in the franchise so far terrifying and disturbing audiences with things as small as a clap. With the introduction of the nightmare-inducing doll Annabelle as a side character in this film, you’ll be hiding behind your pillow until the last second.

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10.  It Follows (2014)

This supernatural horror follows a teenage girl who is pursued by a mysterious supernatural entity that only she can see after having sex with her boyfriend. It sounds like a weird concept, but it works very well and keeps you in suspense right to the very end of the movie. It Follows is probably the least well-known movies on this list but is definitely worth a watch this Halloween, especially if you haven’t seen it already!

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Have fun watching and try not to get too scared…


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