Wondering which city really is the best place for those drunken nights, library sessions and everything in between?! Find out here, in the Student Hut official top 10...


1. Newcastle

Howay the lads! The Geordies have come out on top. Newcastle has everything a student could want – great nights out, low costs, friendly locals, fast transport and a heart bigger than the Metro Centre. Sorry Durham – this is the North East’s, and the nation’s, Number One choice for students.

Source: Newcastle University

2. Sheffield

Sheffield is a city of two halves – and we’re not just talking about the Blades and the Owls. It's big but feels friendly and intimate. It’s a sprawling industrial behemoth, right next to the natural beauty of the Peak District. It’s produced some of the world’s greatest, most influential artists, but you’ll find no grandeur or pretension here – just some raht gud nightlife, transport, places and people.

Source: VisitSheffield

3. London

Yes, it’s horribly expensive. Yes, it’s easy to get distracted with the sheer amount of events, attractions and festivals going on. But you’re still studying in one of the most diverse, exciting cities in the world, with excellent transport, research facilities and 40 different institutions – home to more than 400,000 students!

Source: VisitLondon

4. Manchester

Manchester houses one of the largest student populations in Europe; it’s home to several institutions including the top banana that is Salford. Something is always happening – a festival, a football match or a concert at some of the world’s most famous venues. It also has a high employment rate, with numerous companies including UniLad and Boohoo finding it a cheaper alternative to London.

Source: VisitManchester

5. Leeds

Leeds has grown into a very popular city for students, with low prices and excellent nightlife. Campuses are close to the city centre, which has plenty of shops and some nice parks. If you fancy leaving the city for a bit, it’s cheap and easy to get the train out into the countryside (if Northern Rail hasn’t imploded by the time this is published), but why would you when Leeds has everything you need?

Source: VisitEngland

6. Cardiff

The Welsh capital is a surprisingly small, charming town. It’s home to Doctor Who, Cardiff Castle, and plenty of bars and clubs in the bay. With campus, accommodation, and the city centre all within walking distance of each other, Cardiff students feel safe and are always welcoming.

Source: Cardiff University

7. Liverpool

Scouse hospitality, a strong cultural scene and cheap prices all scored highly with students in the North West’s second-best city (hey, I didn’t make this poll…). Study at world-class institutions, visit historical buildings and great museums for research, shop all weekend and then party all night without bankrupting yourself.

Source: University of Liverpool

8. Brighton

Famous for its pier, its gay scene and, erm, the Green Party, Brighton is an old-fashioned seaside town with a very modern soul. While it’s a few miles away from the actual university, it’s always worth visiting for glorious beaches and plenty of places to shop, eat and drink. Although it's expensive, it’s quite easy to find employment due to the sheer amount of independent businesses.

Source: VisitBrighton

9. Bristol

Hipper than you’ll ever be, Bristol is famous for its thriving arts scene but there’s so much more to it. Despite being a big city, it’s easy to walk around and there are so many different places to visit - from the historic city centre to the stunning Clifton Suspension Bridge and village. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs in Gloucester Road, but try Stokes Croft if you fancy something alternative.

Source: University of Bristol

10. Edinburgh

Edinburgh may seem traditional, with its castle and its military tattoos (what?), but with 40% of international students and some ground-breaking research facilities, it’s a surprisingly modern place at heart.  It’s more relaxed and cultured than other places on this list, perfect for students who prefer a night in… but there’s still plenty of Scottish hospitality to be sampled (i.e. it’s still a great place to get drunk)!

Source: VisitScotland

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