After scouring various subreddits, we’ve hand picked some of the most handy tips (and also some of the most ridiculous ones) to save some pennies at uni.

1. Make a shopping list (and stick to it)


The majority of students (and most of the population to be fair) tend to keep a mental note of what they need when they go shopping. The problem with memorising a shopping list is that trying to stick to a budget goes out of the window, and many of us tend to browse all the aisles and overestimate what we need and end up splurging more money than necessary. Making a list beforehand stops you chucking random things into your trolley as you browse the aisles. I mean come on, do you really need that pack of choccy biccies and that litre of coke?   

2. Don’t go shopping hungry

Wise words indeed from ‘ace22nd’. Never go to the supermarkets when you’re literally starving and you feel like you could demolish a KFC family bucket on your own. Eat a little something beforehand to keep you going so you don’t start pillaging the reduced hot food section at Tesco.

3. Make your own packed lunches

Great tip ‘Boosey101’. Although it may not seem like it, consistently buying your lunch can build up to quite a big expense over time. Think about it, a meal deal from any supermarket costs roughly £3. Say you bought your lunch 4 times a week, that’s £12 a week. Over a typical uni term (often around 10 weeks) that’s £120 spent on lunch alone. £120!? Do you know how many cheesy chips and kebabs you could get with that?! Sort your priorities out.

4. Shower at the gym

For all you gym rats and bunnies, this is great way to cut down on your water and electricity bill. Save money and get fit at the same time. Plus who wants to smell like ass? I don’t. You don’t. Texxaport has made it clear he doesn’t. No one does. End of.

5. Play the “poor game”


6. Save your emergency funds for EMERGENCIES

But come on, doesn’t everyone need a cheeky Nando's every now and then? That’s a legit emergency right?

7. Think of price in terms of hours worked not money

If you’ve got a part-time job at uni , this is a great way to think before making an extravagant purchase. Thinking of buying a new video game, shoes, or a jacket that’s going to set you back £50+? Think how many hours you’ll have to work to pay that off next time you fancy treating yourself.

8. Keep a record of your purchases


This is a great way of really finding out how much money you’re spending on a typical week and what you’re spending it on. Having a proper record of what you’re buying will come in useful when you’re looking to cut down on unnecessary expenses.

9. Stay away from people who go out every weekend

Yeah, you can do this…that is if you want to be a complete LOSER at uni.

10. Become a lonely cheap skate

According to this reddit user (who has since appeared to have deleted their account), self-imposed loneliness and being a cheapskate holds the key to saving your pennies. Sounds like really good fun doesn't it? Yippee.

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