Starting university is a pretty fun and exciting experience... But some things just don't quite turn out how you expected...

1. Starting a new course can feel like being thrown in at the deep end

It’s so exciting starting university and finally being able to study what you’ve always wanted to.

However, you will soon realise that university works in a very different way to A Levels or college.

You really have to take on the weight of your work load yourself, and keep on top of your deadlines yourself.

No teachers will be chasing you around here… Oh and £9000+ isn’t really worth throwing away!

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2. You can watch A LOT of Netflix in a week

Netflix… my lover of many years, my companion of lazy evenings…and mornings…and afternoons…and nights… oops.

One thing that shocked me about starting university is the sheer amount of Netflix one can watch in a short period of time.

Outside of contact hours it is very easy to procrastinate in the form of a binge-worthy series, and a good cuppa tea.

Not to mention now Friends is on Netflix… my flatmate managed to watch ALL 10 SERIES in a month… our degrees have no hope.

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3. You are going to miss home

First thing’s first, as much as you may be itching to leave home and fly the nest, you’re going to miss it when you’re gone.

BUT this doesn’t mean that being a fresher is all doom and gloom and crying into your pillow.

Start clubs and societies, make new friends, get yourself involved, and I promise you’ll soon be wrapped up in the best couple of years of your life.

Before you know it, you’ll be like Harry Potter leaving Hogwarts saying ‘I’m not going home, not really’

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4. It’s not all one big sex party

Now I know this one isn’t the most PG… but we’ve got to talk about the ‘Birds and the Bees’…

Whoever created the rumour that university is where everyone becomes sexually empowered and casually has sex every other night OBVIOUSLY WASN’T AT UNI.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a cheeky ‘summin’ summin’’, but you really will be disappointed if you turn up to university expecting to get some action instantly.

(oh and PLEASE use protection – y’all know the drill)

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5. You’re (probably) not going to find the love of your life in fresher’s week

We’ve all thought about it; that Hollywood romance where time stands still as you lock eyes across the library. Dreamy thought isn’t it?

But I hate to break it to you all, hunting through the masses in Freshers Week for the love of your life probably isn’t going to end how you want it.

My best advice is to relax, enjoy your time at university, and let the romance happen naturally.

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6. Weekly shops are a thing?

Yes that’s right. Washing up liquid does actually run out, and toilet roll doesn’t last forever.

Doing the weekly shop is a satisfying task but definitely a tiring one. Lugging all of your discounted goodies back to halls is a mission and a half, so come prepared with as many Bags for Life as you can!

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8. You might not get on with all your flat…

I really would like to say that you’ll love all your flatmates at halls, but I’d be lying.

Yes, of course you’re going to make some amazing friends and unforgettable memories, but there’s always going to be those people that you don’t mix well with.

Fear not, this isn’t the end of the world! They may not understand the concept of washing up, or the fact that 3am parties EVERY NIGHT aren’t always a winner, but it makes halls all the more memorable.

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8. You have to adult…

Terrifying I know. Being an adult – who does that?

But on a serious note, you are going to have to make sure your head is screwed on at some points. Student Finance? House hunting? Rent paying? Yes, you’re going to need to be organised for these.

My best advice is to make sure you have all your important documents: passport, national insurance number, student finance information – the works!

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9. Buying Fresher events in bulk almost never works out

Another practical piece of advice here.

That £70+ you’re tempted to shed out on a Freshers event band? Yeah, it’s not worth it.

By all means, go to as many or as little fresher week events as you wish, just think before you buy big.

It generally works out that as you make more friends, plans will change; you might not even go to half of the planned events.

Save your money and buy your tickets as the week goes on.

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10. You will make stronger friendships than you ever thought possible

In fear of sounding too soppy, I will make this brief.

Being at school you never even imagine that you could make friends with anyone else, and never mind anymore best friends.

Here is where university will shock you – here is where you’ll meet some of the most amazing people, and because you spend so much time with together, a life without them feels so distant.

This is one of the best parts of university, I promise you.

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University is such a big step away from home, from all your comforts, and from everything you are used you. Everyone’s experience is unique.

Believe me, it does have its ups and downs, and can take some time to adjust, but it is one of the most exciting experiences ever.


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