Christmas = Alcohol = Dead brain cells.

1. Because they are RIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS?!

I MEAN HONESTLY – How do they expect you to actually sit down and study at home when CHRISTMAS is happening?!  

2. Because you said you would study over Christmas but you didn’t.

Procrastination got the better of you. (And you are probably going to blame your family for not telling you to study even though they did and you didn’t listen…)

3. Because all your brain cells are dead.

Christmas = lots of alcohol = lots of dead brain cells.

4. Because not everyone has them.

The only thing worse than having an exam is knowing that there are students on different courses who don’t have to suffer through them too.

5. Because it’s cold and wet and horrible.

It’s bad enough that you actually have to leave your room, let alone do so to take an EXAM!

6. Because the most depressing day of the year falls in January.

The third Monday of the month, to be precise, which is commonly known as 'Blue Monday'; and your exam will probably be at 9am. 

7. Because it’s a new year and you’ve probably already failed at life.

Exam stress = eating = healthy diet gone out of the window = failed resolutions. 

8. Because you will probably have to cram and stay up late to make up for lost time.

No one wants to start the year this way…

9. Because in 4 months you probably have to start thinking about exams again.

Yes – that’s right. Finals are now officially in sight.

10. Because exams are just terrible.

No matter when they are.

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