Surely, it's summer... I saw the sun today!

The summer at uni is a surprisingly short affair. The sun shines bright throughout May, as you look up from the library desk you’ve been revising on for 10 hours a day. Then by the middle of June, you’ve completed exams, and it’s raining and cold. It’s always the way. The heavens know when uni students have exams and every year they end the ‘good bit’ of the summer just as you are free!

This means that you need to start the summer early… basically now! As soon as the temperature hits double figures and it’s light past 5pm, it’s effectively summer.

I know it’s still March but here’s how you can tell the summer has already hit your university…



If you’re starting to see students at your uni wearing flip-flops to lectures it’s summer! Yes, in March… surely they’ll get hypothermia?! But no, they brave the conditions and battle on with their inadequate footwear. You know it is well and truly summer when the flip-flops are accompanied by a tropical pair of board shorts.

Disposable BBQs

As soon as someone catches a glimpse of the spring sunshine it’s barbeque season. No matter if the weather is so cold it could freeze a sausage if left out long enough there’s a halls/house trip down to Asda and half a dozen disposable BBQs are bought. They may be inadequate and impractical, but no student is organised or wealthy enough to get an actual barbeque!

Day Trips to the Beach

No matter how far your university is from the beach and how bad the weather is, people are formulating plans to get away for the day and head to the coast, lost in an idealistic belief that it will be sunny, the sand will be golden and the water will be tropical. Unfortunately, we live in England… Blackpool is our answer to Malibu! And that’s not a good thing.

The Sun Cream Debate

You know it’s well and truly summer, when you get that annual call from your Mum asking you whether you’ve got enough sun cream. Remember ‘you can burn even if the sun isn’t out’! Good point Mum, but probably not when it’s 12 degrees and raining. No matter how many bottles of sun cream you tell her you have (which you don’t obviously), a package will arrive two days later with a generous supply of factor 50.

The Hot Tub Discussion

The hot tub discussion happens in every student house which has enough space to fit a hot tub. In a bout of enthusiasm, one of your housemates will try to convince you that getting a hot tub will be the coolest thing ever. This is true, if it didn’t cost so much and you didn’t have to clean it, and you’re only at uni for a couple more months. To be fair it’s still pretty cool, but most houses settle for a compromise – a paddling pool – which no-one uses until it gets wrecked when someone gets home drunk and jumps in it.

Time to Pre-Tan

Summer has begun when you start seeing students wandering around with tans. They haven’t got them from the England sun… of course not! It’s been sprayed or wiped on, in preparation for the real tan which will follow weeks later. Or never if we have a shit summer. This defies logic to me, but so many people can’t be wrong and I’m bored of being pasty white (taken that one straight from the Dulux catalogue…), so I’ve booked mine in.

The New Summer Tunes Start Getting Overplayed

From what I can work out a ‘summer tune’ is pretty much the same as any other song, apart from in the music video there are lots of attractive people not wearing very much, drinking Sex on the Beach by a pool. Enjoy the music that’s just coming out now because if it gets labelled as a summer tune, it will be overplayed and everyone will hate it by August.

Guys have their Tops Off

At uni, it’s fully acceptable to go on a night out in a T-shirt or less in the middle of winter. But you know summer has hit when people are topless during the day. The rugby players and the boxers will be first so prepare your eyes for the testosterone filled toplessness and some very cold, hard nipples!

The Freezer Fills

It’s the time, when you can’t fit your ready meal for one in the freezer due to the quantity of Calippos and burgers stuffed in there. Nothing says summer in a student residence like a 50-pack of Asda basic rocket lollies. You will never eat one when’s it hot and sunny but they make an excellent hangover cure.

Clubs Organise Beach Parties

Yes, they take all the best bits of a beach holiday and shove it into a grimy student club. Complete with foam, sand and cocktails in buckets, student beach parties never fail to disappoint… *cough*. But hey, it’s the best we’ve got and it’s a sure sign the summer has well and truly started!

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