Between the exam stress and impromptu late nights out, there are some telltale signs you're truly living the student life!

1. Feeling tired, all the time

Is tiredness a symptom of being a student? Whether it is the noise of your flatmates or your inner-self demanding to watch another episode on Netflix, tiredness is one thing that we cannot seem to shift!

2. You try and grab as much free stuff as you can

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Free pens, sweets, vouchers, this is God’s gift for students! My advice? Just take it, take it all!

3. The taste of Homecooked Food is a dream

No more ready-meals or takeaway, homecooked food is the definition of real taste!

4. Attempting to budget

‘Budgeting’ is definitely a struggle: how do you resist the urge of clicking ‘checkout’ on fashion sites? *Sighs*

5. Calling your family has become the norm

Regardless of how ‘independent’ we think we are, calling family will always be a part of our daily routine.

6. getting your money’s worth out of your laundry

Why only wash two items when you can fill the washing machine!

7. There is no place like home

Dorothy could not have said it any better.

8. Forget deadlines, going out is still an option 

‘Deadlines? What deadlines?!’

9. Not sure about what Career you want

We all dread being asked about our future careers. But don't worry, just trust your instincts and take every job opportunity that appeals to you!

10. Finding it scary how fast the University year goes!

It feels like it was only 2 minutes ago we started Semester One *cries* but at least we haven’t got long until our well-deserved Summer Break.


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