You notice some pretty weird things when you cross to the other side of the north/south divide.

1. You will never get used to the ridiculous weather

Any true Northerner can spot a Southerner by their behaviour in different weather conditions. If it’s raining out, you’ll have an umbrella over your head. If it’s cold (which, let’s face it, it always is), you’ll usually be wrapped up in 6 to 9 layers. Your mate from Glasgow may be walking around with shorts and a tank top, but that’s not the life for you.

david tenant in rain

2. Your flatmates think you’re posh

Let me clear something up; being posh and being articulate are two different things. And just because someone pronounces the ‘t’ in ‘water’, doesn’t mean they’re from London. For your information, most of us Southerners didn’t have a butler growing up,or a personal chauffeur.

aristocat image

3, Before you went to uni, your geography of the North was awful

You might have known where Newcastle was, or maybe just Leeds. You just collectively knew everywhere else as ‘the North’.

blank map of the uk

4. You’ll hear conflicting arguments as to where exactly ‘the North’ starts

Back in London, you’d think anything upwards of Luton was the North. Yet over in Durham, someone told me that Manchester was part of the Midlands. What is the truth?!

north not north line

5. You’ll be surprised that people are really, genuinely nice

If you make eye contact with someone on the bus, your life won’t be over. In fact, they’ll probably smile, come over to sit beside you, and have a wee chat about the best things in life.

do I know you woman asks

6. You’ll be shocked when you see people eating chips with gravy

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; someone really is eating that monstrosity.

chips and gravy

7. You call your dinner ‘dinner’, and not ‘tea’

Tea is a hot beverage, a way of life. It is definitely not your evening meal.

8. You’ve never known the actual meaning of the word “cheap”

Pop into any shop, and your shopping is almost always guaranteed to be cheaper than anything down South. From drinks being less than half the price (if you spill a few drops, you haven’t essentially chucked £1 down the drain), to the cost of living in general being much cheaper, you know you’re in a better place financially than your old palstudying in London.

simpsons money fight

9. There are over a million ways to say ‘bread roll’

Naming just a few off the top of my head, you might hear cob, muffin, bap, barm, teacake… The list is never-ending.

bread roll or bap or co

10. You know where your true home is

In the end, although you do love and greatly respect the North, you just want to go back south because you’re a true Southerner at heart.

tom hiddleston speaks

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