Love Halloween but don’t so much love waking up feeling like you’ve been run over by a truck? Here are ten 0% alcohol Halloween ideas, so you can drink up the cosy, pumpkin-spicey, spooky atmosphere without the need to drink your liver into meltdown.


Go on a Ghost Tour

If you’ve never done one of these, you’re missing out, and there’s no better night to do it than on Halloween. The tour guide will lead you around your city telling tales of all the different ghosts who live (or lived?) there and let’s face it, most unis are really old, so there will be plenty of stories to be told around campus. Why not do a bit of research into the souls that haunt your uni buildings and create your own ghost tour for your flatmates? It’s time to put your hilarious acting skills to the test...

street at night with shadows walking along it

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Carve a Pumpkin

An absolute classic. Even if you’re useless at art like me, I can assure you it’s a really fun activity - you’ll end up screaming with laughter when your attempt to carve out Yoda’s face ends up looking more like Donald Trump, or worse, one of your uni lecturers! Although having said that, #Trumpkin is actually the latest trend in the USA, so you might be able to pull it off…

Donald Trump's face carved into a pumpkin

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Make Pumpkin Pies

The best thing about pumpkin carving is that if you save all the goop you scooped out, you can make pumpkin pies out of it! Yes, it looks gross and stringy, but once blended down and mixed with a load of delicious autumnal spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon into a buttery, crumbly crust, you’ll be saying otherwise. Mary Berry, eat your heart out.

witch turning a pumpkin into pumpkin pie

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Decorate your flat

A quick trip to Poundland should do the trick - it doesn’t cost much at all to have your flat resembling the Haunted Mansion! Go wild - when it comes to Halloween, the more, the better. Uni flats and houses are pretty dull for the best part, so get those fake cobwebs covering every inch of boring wall!

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Host a Horror Movie Marathon

Now that your flat is perfectly “Halloweeny”, with your Jack-o'-lantern flickering in the background, your pumpkin pies have just come out of the oven and you can sit, pumpkin spice latte in hand, ready to get stuck into a marathon of horror movies. Gather up your flatmates, grab a blanket, a tuck into those pies whilst they’re still warm, Make sure you turn the lights out for that extra spook factor! If you’re less into the blood, guts, and jump-scares, how about some Simpsons Treehouse of Horror or Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

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Do a Horror-Themed Escape Room

Escape rooms are like the fun version of uni lectures: you’re stressed and confused for the most part, but at least when you leave, it’s over, and you don’t have to go back every day for the rest of the semester... We’re just kidding, escape rooms are actually a really fun activity, and you get the chance to outsmart that flatmate who ridicules you on a daily basis for doing an ‘easy’ degree. Throw in the horror element and you’ll be bent over laughing at their faces as not only did you prove them wrong, but they’re running away screaming from the guy dressed as a zombie. Satisfaction at it’s finest.

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Take part in a Zombie Run

This one is for all the gym bunnies out there who can’t afford to waste a week’s training by going out drinking on Halloween: you can make the fun of Halloween a part of your running routine! Sign up to one of the many Zombie runs (or walks) held in cities all over the country - a 5k or 10k where the motive to run is to escape all of the zombies chasing you. Fun, spooky, AND constructive!

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Host a Murder Mystery Dinner

Your housemates will love this one since part of the fun is tucking into a fancy dinner. You could download a guide from the internet, but we think it’s more fun to make up your own story as you can base it on your flatmates and the dramas that unfold daily between them. For example, ‘Amy murdered John with a wooden spoon for eating all of her Frosties after a fateful night out’ could be the mystery that they have to work out. Let them figure it out amongst themselves - you’ll be in stitches when they crack the mystery!

butler carrying food falls to the floor after being stabbed in the back

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Scare your friends

Some ideas are: hide in your housemate’s wardrobe at night and jump out whilst they’re sleeping, sneak fake rats/spiders etc into your common living areas, get out some fake blood and pretend you’re injured, leave scattered signs of Mrs Jones, your resident ghost, lying around the house… Halloween is the best time to get revenge on that one flatmate who eats all your food, or the friend who didn’t come to class and left you by yourself!

man wearing a pumpkin on his head scaring a woman

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Go Camping

All you need is a tent big enough for you and all your housemates, a garden, a torch, some snacks, and some games to play. Decorate the tent with anything you had leftover from decorating the house Halloween-style, wait until the sun goes down, and head out to the garden with nothing but a torch to light the way. Leave our phones in the house and try to spend the entire night out there without caving. This is another fantastic opportunity to wind up your flatmates -  was that rustling in the bushes just a cat, or was it in fact, Mrs Jones?

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