It’s that exciting (and slightly crazy!) time of year, so the Student Hut team has been pondering the 10 stages everyone goes through when they finish university.

It’s that time of year again. A whole hoard of final year caterpillars are emerging from their cocoons as beautiful, grown-up butterflies. That’s the story in theory, at least! In reality, finishing university can be a strange time. A time of excitement and pride, but also an uncertain period of transition. Let the Student Hut team take you by the hand and guide you through the 10 stages everyone goes through when they finish university.



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You walk out of your final exam and an unfamiliar feeling completely engulfs you. Suddenly you can breathe easily and you feel like you’re floating to the pub for your celebratory pint. ‘What is it?’, you ask yourself. That, my friend, is pure, unadulterated relief!



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If the previous few hours of day drinking weren’t enough, you’re now all going out for a big end of exams celebration. You know this night is going to be pretty messy. You’re all sleep-deprived, emotional and ready to let loose. Much merriment ensues. Roll on the cheesy chips on the way home to your oh-so-inviting bed!



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So you get back to your room after celebrating with friends. But it feels different this time…it’s the last time you’ll be doing this. How have you already finished? Where on earth did those three years go? You don’t feel grown up enough for uni to be over! This is weird.



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Isn’t it funny how you were marked down if your work was submitted even a smidge late, but lecturers can leave you hanging, wondering about your future for an age?! Someone needs to tell you soon whether or not you need to find a rock to hide under until family members stop asking about your grades. When you do finally get your results, the relief is unlike anything else - thank goodness you don’t have to change your name and move to Alaska!



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After weeks of waking up early, revising late into the night and worrying about results, you can finally watch all the daytime TV you want (well, now you don’t have to feel guilty about it!). You can wake up without setting an alarm and go to sleep when you choose. Your waking hours (however few of them there may be!) are yours to spend doing exactly as you please. Can you remember ever feeling this relaxed?



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How long have you waited for this? Graduation day is finally here and you get to celebrate your amazing time at university and your incredible achievements with all your friends. There may have been moments when you struggled to imagine yourself standing here in cap and gown, but here you are! Looking awesome, we might add!



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For as long as you can remember, life has been about education. You always had a nagging feeling that you should be studying in the back of your mind. Now that feeling is gone (and you’re not complaining!), but you’re not sure if you like this new feeling either. What are you supposed to fill your thoughts with now?



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So the hype of finishing uni is dying down now. And what on earth are you supposed to do about finding a job? How do you even know which career you’re interested in? What is your CV supposed to look like? And what the heck is a cover letter?



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So you’re getting into a new routine outside of the university bubble. You barely remember the last time you got totally drunk and you’re missing your uni family. How on earth did you live with your parents before uni?! And when did your brother become such a pain? Then again, it’s nice to always have food in the fridge and for the kitchen to be clean and tidy!



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Yes! You’ve finally found your first graduate job. Go you! What a relief that is. This is a whole new chapter you’re jumping into now. Uni was incredible, but it's time for a new challenge. You’ve worked so hard to get to this point and you’re determined to succeed and to see all your hard work start to pay off!


So, here it is; 10 stages everyone goes through when they finish university. What do you think? Do you agree with us? Which stage are you at right now?

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