During times of high stress, it is more than common to have trouble sleeping. Whilst this problem is temporary, for most people, and will pass when your stress is alleviated, here are some tips for the meantime...

1. Leave your work in the library

  1. Make sure you don’t bring your stress home with you, leave all thoughts about work/ exams/ essays at the front door, if you can. Home should be a place where you forget about your worries (and your strife’s).

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2. Make your bedroom into a sleep only zone

  1. One of the biggest mistakes of the modern student is revising or working in bed/ watching Netflix in bed after uni. This means your bed either becomes your desk and reminds you of all the stress you’re under, or it becomes your sofa and is not as relaxing, as you’ve been snuggled there all-day bingeing on Riverdale. Also, make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible and your room is dark and quiet, perfect to drift off. Also, strictly no phone before bed!

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3. MAke time to relax

  1. Cut yourself some slack! You may have a mountain of work stress in front of you but you’re never going to climb that mountain if you aren’t rejuvenated. Everyone needs time to relax, so schedule in some breaks. Call your mum, watch Come Dine With Me or stare at the ceiling. Just take some time for yourself.

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4. Meditate

  1. It may sound silly and maybe even look silly but taking twenty minutes before bed to meditate and clear your mind can do wonders for your sleeping pattern. There are YouTube videos and apps to help you out, try ‘Calm’ or ‘Headspace’.

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5. Eat healthily

  1. Diet can play a huge role in your ability to sleep. Obvious ones include not having 3 double espressos at 8pm or eating 12 doughnuts as a midnight snack. However, you also need to make sure you're getting enough vitamins in your diet. The student budget doesn't always extend to making sure you get your 5 a day, so buy a multivitamin or some fizzy vitamin C, if you’re feeling wild.

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6. Do regular Exercise

  1. One reason you may not be sleeping is because you simply haven’t been exerting enough energy. Sitting in the library all day may make your eyes tired but it's not going to knacker your muscles. Try to squeeze in a trip to the gym, a game of rounders with your pals, or even just a fast walk to Tesco’s.

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7. Plan your life

  1. God knows everything you forgot to do in the day comes to your mind as soon as your head hits the pillow, so keep a notepad on your bedside table. This way you can jot down any last-minute thoughts (or fun dreams) and worry about it in the AM. Also, making a detailed plan of your exams/ work schedule /social life, or whatever is causing you stress, can work wonders for your peace of mind. You may get slack for procrastinating, but it’ll be worth it!

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8. Try white noise / sleep sounds

  1. For a lot of people having background noise to distract them from busy thoughts is exactly what’s needed to help them drift off. These are easily found on YouTube, or on apps like ‘TM Soft’, ‘White Noise Lite’ and ‘Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds’.

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9. Tell your tutor

  1. It can be difficult to share your problems, where mental health is concerned, but telling someone may be beneficial. Getting in touch with your tutor means they can provide you with contact for any university resources. They may also be able to give you extra time on assignments or mitigating circumstances for your exams.

10. See Your GP

  1. If the problem continues, or worsens, make an appointment with your GP. If you were staying up at night because of a toothache, you would see your dentist. So, if you’re up at night because of stress, or just not being able to quiet your thoughts down, you should see your doctor. If they can’t help you, they may refer you to see a specialist.

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These tips should hopefully have you dozing off in no time…

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