Living in a student house definitely comes with a unique set of problems, since this is probably the first time you’ve had to take full responsibility for the space you’re living in. Plus you’ve probably chosen your housemates so you’ve only got yourself to blame for being constantly irritated.

1. There's always a massive pile of washing up

It seems as if everybody refuses to believe that they use any cutlery or crockery and before you know it, there’s a massive pile of festering dishes and you have a fruit fly infestation. Nobody will claim responsibility and there will be a massive argument on the group chat. The same person will end up washing it all every time out of frustration.

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2. Arguing about whose turn it is to buy household items

Who knew toilet roll ran out so fast? Who the hell uses that much? Someone will buy own-brand washing up liquid instead of Fairy and you will have to force them to buy another because everyone knows Fairy lasts a million times longer. A housemate will claim they use none of these communal items and refuses to buy any, but you see them wrapping their sandwiches in approximately seven layers of shared cling-film every morning.

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3. Being woken up at stupid times

There will be someone who wakes up at 6am and sings when they’re getting ready. There will also be a housemate that decides to shower at 2am whilst slamming their door, then the toilet seat, then the shower door. People come back drunk and stumble into your room when you have a 9am the next day. You will spitefully and ‘accidentally’ wake them up early the next morning…oops.

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4. Not liking their friends/ partners

Your housemates may have a different group of friends from you and they will inevitably bring them around for pre-drinks. They will break something, be disrespectful, or just down-right annoy you, and you will tell yourself they are never coming around again every time you’re cleaning up their mess. Someone may have a partner that changes your housemate into a different person whenever they see them, and you dread their arrival every time. If only students knew how to confront their problems instead of posting them on the group chat, hey?

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5. Witnessing people’s weird/ disgusting habits

I hate to break it to you, but people do eat with their mouths open and some people really don’t wash their hands when they go to the toilet. You will remind yourself of your mother as you wonder if they were raised in a barn. ‘Where the hell do these heathens come from?’ you will contemplate whilst lying in bed at night, but again, you will never confront them.

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6. Not realising someone could be so filthy

You go into your housemate’s room to retrieve something they borrowed at the beginning of your tenancy, and you will be horrified. There are mouldy plates everywhere and…wait… is that the mug you got for Christmas this year? It will have blue and green mould at the bottom of it and you will probably want to smash everything in their because you’ve been looking for that for months. You may be so angry that you leave a passive-aggressive note on their door.

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7. Landlords messing you around

Landlords are the scum of the earth. Your boiler will break, and they won’t come for two weeks, despite them saying in the contract that they’ll fix it in one. You’ll google how to sue your landlord and realise that you’d never win. As soon as the plumber who has fixed it leaves, it will break again. When we moved into our house there were dead rats under the fridge and they didn’t remove them for three days, so everyone got sick. Then it was apparently our fault, despite us having only lived there for three days. GO FIGURE.


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8. There will be arguments

With most of these problems happening on a weekly basis, you will start to hate humanity and there will be a house argument. You will call a house meeting and *that* housemate won’t turn up and everything will be blamed on them, then they will protest later in the group chat. Everyone will probably end up apologising an hour later.

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9. Not being able to wait until you get your own place

‘Imagine having my own place and not having to wait for the washing machine,’ you think. You know it will be a blissful time of recuperation and relaxation, until you realise how damn expensive bills are and that you have to get rid of spiders on your own.

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10. Missing being able to talk to someone all the time/go to the pub with

Despite all the nightmares you witness living in a student house, you’ll miss always having someone to talk to, and the trips to the pub when you actually managed to get the whole group together. But good God you will not miss the guy who talked with food in his mouth.

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