So you've made it to your final year. Who knew it'd be such an emotional rollercoaster? Here are 10 things we're sure all you final year students will understand.


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Seriously. How is it your final year already? Where on earth did that time go? The years have absolutely flown by and now you’re the wise and battle-worn final year who finds themselves watching the young, carefree Freshers skipping in and grumbling at them to make the most of their youth.


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Whilst also feeling ancient, a part of you still (incredibly) feels young. You remember watching the third year students ploughing through their dissertations and final exam revision when you first arrived, and suddenly you've become one of them. Despite graduation approaching and almost having your degree, you still feel too young to venture into the big working world. Oh, the conflicted emotions of being in your final year! 


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The question that fills many final year students with dread... ‘So what do you plan to do after you graduate?’ People expect you to have figured out your exact life plan when, in reality, you don't even know what you're having for your next meal. 


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How are you going to survive moving back in with your parents after the past few years of freedom? You had hoped the days of having someone telling you to tidy up after yourself and listening out for what time you get home after a night out were over. But at least you’ll have food in the fridge, so every cloud has a silver lining, right?


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Now you know how Pocahontas felt. It’s a scary prospect trying to find yourself a graduate job, but it’s also a big decision to go into postgraduate study, with finances and living arrangements to consider. And then there’s the opportunity to take six months or a year out to go travelling - a wonderful idea in theory and arguably a very worthwhile pursuit, but finding money to spend on that once-in-a-lifetime trip isn’t very easy.


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It’s really hard to imagine not living with your housemates after two or more years of being super close. You’re realising that uni has been pretty incredible and you don’t want it to end just yet. It’s pretty depressing to think about moving back home with your parents, and who knows how often you’ll get to see your bestie who lives miles away from you! Try not to think about it too much...


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That grown-up sounding, and not-at-all intimidating, piece of work on which a huge emphasis is placed in order to decide, ultimately, whether or not you’ve understood your degree and thrived during your time at university. No pressure here then. *paces backwards and forwards across the room crying*


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The fear that pervades every final year’s nightmares. How does anyone cope with sitting some of the biggest and most important exams of their lives? Everyone keeps telling you just to do your best, but there’s very little comfort in that! Just keep your fingers crossed and hope the topics you enjoyed (or strategically revised, if you’re one of those risk-takers) are covered. 


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So you thought you were doing the right thing by not applying for any graduate schemes or placements at the end of last year or over the summer. But now you’re not so sure. Suddenly half your friends have grad schemes lined up, the other half are going into postgraduate study and now you feel like the only numpty who plans to attempt to battle your way into the grad job market.

BUT Most importantly of all...

Despite all of wouldn't change your time at university for anything!

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So there you have it, 10 things all final year students will understand! What do you think? Have any other final year problems you would like to add to the list?

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