A must-read for everyone who goes to the University of Manchester.

1.The rivalry between us and MMU runs deep

When we bump into our counterparts on nights out, it’s not long before the conversation is about polys, posh boys, and exaggerated stereotypes. To MMU students, they give us a bit of stick because we’re all meant to be private schooled toffs, while we take the bait and respond with the classic ‘your Dad works for my dad’ song. Vicious? Never. It’s all good, clean fun. Swear down.

2. You can hit your 10,000 steps a day from trying to get a seat in Ali G library

When it’s deadline week, you can bet that good ol’ Alan Gilbert is still full to the brim at midnight.

3. Paz is the go-to man for delicious kebabs and wiffy banter

The Fallowfield legend, Paz is equally known for his infectious, upbeat attitude as he is for his delicious kebabs. Rain, wind or shine, we can always rely on Paz to be there. Always eager to indulge in some cheeky banter, we pay homage to the man, the myth, the legend: Paz the Kebab King.

4. Hot Vimto is one of the things you’ve fallen in love with

Ahhhh, Vimto. It’s so revered in Manchester, that there is a gigantic monument dedicated to this drink on Sackville Street. Getting a hot Vimto may have seemed bizarre at first, but you know you began to warm (enjoy that pun) to it eventually, and now it’s a beverage you associate with a comforting and heavenly taste.

5. The Student Lock-In Is Overrated

Sure, the novelty of hearing about it first-time and then going with your mates is good and all, as well as the fact you can get really good deals, but can you really be arsed to do it again? Not worth the crowds, hassle, and getting all hot and bothered we think.

6. You’ve probably only been in Whitworth building a couple of times

There’s no real need to ever go in there except to take casual exams every now and then. Unimportant stuff, you know what I mean?

7. Going to Pangaea is a great post-exam celebration/consolation

Thought you did well on your exams? Great, let’s have it at Pangaea. Thought you absolutely flunked it? Great, let’s have it at Pangaea. Always a great boozy night out for debauchery and antics.

8. The Piccadilly Rats band

‘The Piccadilly Rats’ are without a shadow of a doubt, the most distinctive group of buskers you’ll ever see on the streets of Manchester. Usually, you can find them churning out some raucous covers at Piccadilly Gardens. They’ve gained a cult following to say the least and the history of the band: the fallouts, the drama, and the controversy surrounding the decision to use monkey masks, is the stuff of legend - just check out their totally legit wiki page.

9. The Magic Bus is our go to method of transport

We love the Magic Bus because it’s as cheap as chips. Or was. The massive 50% rise irked many of us, and our feelings are probably best summed up by a tweet from @_oliviaford: ‘If magic bus prices going up doesn’t start a proletarian revolution then I don’t know what will’.

10. The Legendary Antics That Happen At Owen’s Park

The fabled tower challenge puts your hair on your chest. Drink a shot of a 40% spirit on every floor, and it will immortalise you and your name will be remembered for fellow generations of students to come. Or it can make you chunder really, really bad. With recent news that previously stalled redevelopment plans are going to get the green light, this legendary challenge is also set to become part of history as well. *sheds tears and turns into a blubbering fool*

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