Don't panic - you're not the only one thinking everyone else in the library is an idiot!

There comes a point in every term that the student population on mass decide that they have done far too little work and need to be in the library. This usually occurs about a week before the exam period and makes the place unbearable. The library becomes a sea of emotional breakdowns, red bull cans and students trying desperately to find a plug socket.

The stress levels start rising, as even the smallest disruption to others can cause a room full of evil stares directed at you (of course, everyone's still too polite to actually say anything!)

So, to relieve the stress levels, we have compiled a list of the most annoying things you can do in the library during the exam period. If you're in the library at the moment, we feel your pain! It's not just you who's getting wound up by these 10 things...

Going out for a 4 hour ‘lunch’

Despite what everyone thinks, during the period exam, the library isn’t full of people; it’s actually full of desks that have notepads left on them. Some students even have the cheek to leave a little note saying something like ‘just popped out for lunch… back in 10’. It’s been four hours… and now you have a certain anatomical drawing on every page of your notes.

Having a Break Down

Yes, exams are stressful. And yes, sometimes things get a bit much. That doesn’t mean you need to have an attention-seeking break down in the middle of the library. The library isn’t the Big Brother house, so save the tears for home.

Above: The library can turn people mad...

Apple Eaters

In most uni libraries there are places you can eat and places that you can’t. Some choose the ‘thug life’ by ignoring these rules. And it's not like they are eating marshmallows or bananas. Instead, they sound like they are auditioning for a Crunchy Nut ad. When most of the library arguments during the exam period are over Golden Grahams, you know the student population has gone mad…

Late Night Bragging

When did it become cool not to do your work and have to stay in the library until the early hours to cram before an exam? You hear people bragging about how much later they are staying in the library than someone else. They don’t seem to care that they are as pale as a ghost, have got an unhealthy energy drink obsession and they are unlikely to get anything more than a low 2:2.

1st Years Complaining About Stuff

I think 1st years get a bit of a bad deal… as soon as a 3rd year doesn’t get a seat in the library, it’s the 1st years fault for going to the library, being boring and taking life too seriously! Having said that, hearing a 1st year moan loudly about their workload is a pain in the backside. If it’s too hard to handle now, they are going to love the rest of their degree…

Dressing to Impress

While most are just about mustering enough enthusiasm to actually change out of their pjs to head to the library, there are students who look like they are ready for a night out. Why does anyone need/want to wear 5 inch heals to the library? It’s just not right!

People watching TV

Everyone has seen someone walk into the library with the look of focus and intention, only to sit down and watch Eastenders on catch-up. These people sometimes even run out of things to watch, so start trawling Youtube for something to keep them entertained. This just bemuses everyone. Why not stay at home and do that? It only becomes a problem when you realise that you’ve watched a whole episode of Breaking Bad over this persons shoulder and have failed to do any work.

Anyone with more than 5 books on their desk

Recreating the Empire State building in books on a desk is an internationally recognised sign that that person is a tool. They have no hope of even reading half of what they have but still like to draw attention to how hard they're working and how much of an intellectual they are.


Despite the endless opportunities that uni life gives you to chat-up people you fancy, there are still rugby players in full tracksuits trying it on in the library. The library should be a flirting-free zone. It’s significantly more cringe worthy in the library and it distracts everyone. So while you’re there, don’t ask anyone how much a polar bear weighs (unless you do biology) and remember your t-shirt will definitely not be made of boyfriend material…

Sitting in Front of Computer without using it

We have saved the most annoying thing that you can do in the library until last. Seeing someone using their laptop in front of a switched off computer, can make you want to kill… or take a photo and send it into the university spotted Facebook page! During exams, students should get banned from the library for doing this! 

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