It's the simple things in life...

Living at uni is the one of the best things about uni, but having to do everything yourself can get tiresome. That's why going home again can be a relief! 


Having meals cooked for you

It’s a huge relief when you finally eat a substantial meal cooked by someone else. On top of that, it’s like Christmas every time you open the fridge and find it’s full of food (and there’s no trace of sour milk anywhere).

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Using a dishwasher rather than washing up by hand

Even seeing a fully functioning dishwasher can bring a tear to the eye. Thank you technology gods.

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Being comfortable

You don’t realise how you’ve adapted to the uncomfortable furniture until you lie in your old bed and find there are no springs sticking into your ribs. Or, the very act of sitting on a sofa watching your favourite programmes on a giant TV screen instead of being in your bed watching Netflix on your small laptop screen seems like a strange concept.

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It’s warm

Being able to put the heating on whenever you want with no arguments is a privilege you never thought you had until you moved out to uni...

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Calling your uni accommodation ‘home’ in front of your mum

Living away at uni means you have two ideas of ‘home’ and you love and hate both of them at the same time...

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Going back with more stuff than you came with

No matter how much you say no to your mum wanting to give you ten bottles of washing liquid, on the inside you’re thinking ‘now I won’t have to ever buy washing liquid’ which means more money for food and a good night out...Thank you mum!

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Being driven places instead of walking everywhere

If you don’t drive when you’re at uni then you’ll find that you walk everywhere because you don’t want to spend money on the bus. The very concept of being in a car again makes you realise how tired your legs are after having to walk everywhere.

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Being picked up from a night out

No need for the night bus, a taxi or hours of stumbling home because you can get a parent or sibling to pick you up. However, the downside is you can’t leave the house without someone asking where you’re going, when you’re coming back, who you’re going with, do you have your phone, do you know how to get there, blah blah blah.

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Rekindling friendships with pets

There’s nothing better than feeling the happiness of seeing the floofy face of your pet!

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Missing home but wanting to leave again soon after you’ve arrived

Even after realising just how comfortable your home soon realise why you wanted to move out in the first place because the freedom of uni is just too tempting!

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