£50,000 is a lot of money!

A recent study suggested that the average student debt for everyone starting university in 2015 is going be a whopping £50,000. This has led to many questioning whether uni is actually worth it. It doesn't help that some ‘experts’ are claiming that many students will finish paying back their loans into their 50s!

Before you even start reading what Robert Peston and other economists think, your eyes just pop out of your head looking at the amount of money being borrowed during your degree. You would think this is America!

I mean, £50,000! Imagine what you could buy with that.... Well, lucky for you don’t have to anymore as we’ve done the research and here is what you can buy instead of going to uni…

1) A Two Bedroom Villa in Spain

It’s on a golf resort, it’s fully furnished and it’s yours for £49,120. With the change from your £50,000, you could get an annual golf membership or an old banger to do the 15 minute drive to the beach!

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

2) 8347 Months of Netflix

Working on the current £5.99 per month (I know there will be a price increase in 2016), £50,000 will get you a whole lot of Netflix. And to be honest, it’s what we spend most of our time doing anyway.

3) 770 Magnums of Moet Champagne

Despite our limited knowledge, Moet is the champagne that you were given and had to pretend to like at the posh NYE party you attended with your parents last year. £50,000 will get you 770 magnum sized bottles of the stuff. That’s about 13 baths-full of champagne! And 13 most certainly isn't an unlucky number when it comes to baths-full of champagne.

4) 3 years in a 5 Bedroom House in Manchester

For £50,000 you can rent a lovely 5 bedroom house in Manchester for the 3 years you would be doing your degree. Plus, unlike uni, you can be there for the whole 52 weeks in the year. It’s even got a huge garden. Just think about all the house parties and summer barbecues you could be having!

5) You could go around the world 50 times

Well, you could get 50 cheap return flights to Melbourne in peak time* (£1000 ish). To get around the world each of those times, you’ll have to hope that each return flight goes the other way around the world, but I think you get my point!

*peak time - when it starts getting dark at 5pm in the UK, and you see instagram pictures of a (former) friend lying on a beach down under.

6) 250,000 Freddos

It would have been 500,000 Freddos, but thanks to inflation and capitalism they are now 20p. Let's hope Corbyn’s idea of a fairer society isn't just a leftist utopia and he brings the price back down to 10p - that's a vote winner! 

7) A few dozen Chanel Bags

What will make you happier? A degree in Geography from an average Russell Group university or a room full of Chanel bags, in different shapes, sizes and colours? And you’ll probably have money left over for a few pairs of shoes to go with them. Makes you think doesn’t it…

8) 714 Tickets for the Euro 2016 final

With the cheapest ticket at £70 (85 Euros), you could treat yourself and 713 of your best mates to the final of the top European competition. 714 tickets, £50,000. Seeing the England team watch as Spain lift the trophy, priceless.

9) 4 Racer Hot Air Balloons

For the surprisingly reasonable price of £12,624 you can buy yourself a racing hot balloon. But we figured you’ll need 4, so you have people to race against!

10) A Floating Bed

For just $65,000 (£45,000ish), you can get yourself a bed that floats. I know right, it blows the mind! It uses very strong wires and magnetic forces to stay airborne. Sure, a degree is much more useful but it will never be as cool as this...

Despite the high levels of awesomeness of these 10 things, we still think a degree is probably worth it! However, it's important to make the most of your time at uni, and picking the right course modules is a good place to start. Plus, our student offers and freebies will help you stretch your student loan that little bit further.   

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