Girls rule and boys drool... It may not all be plain sailing but there's nowhere I'd rather be than in an ALL girls flat.


1. There’s always one girl who’s super-organised

She makes lists for who’s doing the bins this week, whose turn it is to clean up, which bin is for recycling etc…

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2. And if you break the rota, you’re in trouble

I’m sorry, I thought I’d left my mum at home!

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3. Leaving ONE towel out is considered “lazy and messy”. *rolls eyes*

Darling, you should see some of the boy’s flats!

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4. Speaking of which, there’s always someone’s boyfriend hanging around

“I’m pretty sure he doesn’t live here…”

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5. You sometimes get confused about which boyfriend is which

Why do they all dress and act the same?!!

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6. And you’ve walked out in your bra only to find some random guy in your kitchen!


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7. Someone’s always hosting a social gathering

Which is bad news if you don’t like people.

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8. Some girls are quite happy to have intimate discussions in front of you

I did NOT expect to hear about your IUD over breakfast!

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9. If someone’s upset, it can get tense and emotional…

“We’re all FINE, honestly!”

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10. But you can always rely on your girls to be caring and supportive when you need them!

Thanks, guys, you're the best!

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