We love you Sheffield we do, we love you Sheffield we do, we love you Sheffield we do, Oh Sheffield we love you!

1. Living in the IC during exam season

Stroll into the IC during exam time and you’ll see it’s rammed to the rafters with stressed students. Thinking of rocking up at 9am determined to get a seat and some revision done? Be prepared to be frustrated as a) you won’t be able to find a seat and b) all the early birds think ‘what a noob’.


2. Going to Corps on Wednesday is a rite of passage

You always knew packing your old high school uniform would come in handy! Dressing up as school children, supping on some luminous blue pints (How can we forget the infamous quad vod? and scanning the room for some randomer to get off with. Ahhh, good times.

3. Conduit road is Sheffield’s equivalent of Mt. Everest

Forget about doing squats at the gym. Brace your quads when you decide to trek up Conduit road.


4. Danny Bean and Broomhill Friery

Danny Bean is a bit of local celebrity (being the nephew of Sean Bean) and his chippy is a magnet for intoxicated students on a night out. Although naysayers would say the Broomhill Friery does milk the Sean Bean association a bit much sometimes, who wouldn’t?! Now cheesy chips and curry sauce for me, please.

5. You never go in to Firth Court

It’s the flashy building they plaster all over the prospectus, but when you get here, there is actually no real reason to venture inside.

6. Riding the Paternoster

Located in the Arts tower, if you start asking about the what the paternoster is then you’ll probably get some square regaling you about it’s many distinctive features e.g. it’s meant to be one of the largest paternosters in the world, blah, blah, blah, or some horror story saying it’s a terrifying experience. Either way, you’ll use the paternoster for the novelty of it in your first year, but you’ll soon wise up when you realise the stairs and the lift right next to it are much easier to use.

7. Leadmill and the post-McDonalds is a thing

After throwing some mad shapes on a Sonic Saturday, singing your heart out to the Arctic Monkeys, and snapping away in the photobooths, a post-Leadmill Maccies is definitely on the cards. We all love a greasy chippy like Broom Hill Friery or a reyt good curry from Balti King after a hard sesh, but a post-Leadmill Maccies with it’s 99p Chicken Mayo more than satisfies our drunken taste-buds.

8. Endcliffe Village can only be described as a utopia

It’s only in hindsight do you realise how bangin’ Endcliffe is. With picturesque views, this leafy haven is home to students whose friends live literally within a stone’s throw away from their front door and hold liberal views on public clothing attire. None of us were prepared for the culture shock that hits you when you leave for second year. *sobs*

9. You’ve taken exams inside Hillsborough

Well, what else would you use a football stadium for?

10. You despise those Hallamers with a passion

Poly scum.

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