It’s the QUAY place to go!

1. You feel smug about how much better the facilities are

Whilst your friends complain about having to study in a rotting 1970s Portakabin on the main campus, you’re sitting in a comfy chair at your swish computer in a heated, ultra-modern building.

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2. You waste most of your time waiting for the 50 bus

You stand, freezing, at the bus stop for 30 minutes… Then four buses turn up at once. It would’ve been quicker to walk home.

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3. You’ve never seen anyone famous

You’d think Media City would be crawling with celebrities, being home to the BBC, ITV and Coronation Street… but no. The closest you’ve got is the Granada weather presenter on a fag break. You’ve certainly never met the A-list likes of Jeremy Kyle and Dan Walker.

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4. The weather is always terrible

You dread going outside as it’s ALWAYS freezing, even when the sun’s out. You’re lucky if it’s not raining, and you never go near the quays because you’re afraid of being blown in.

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5. You spend loads of money at Booths and Pret because they’re the only places you can buy sandwiches

What’s wrong with a Costco?


6. You have to deal with the stupid design of the lifts

Who puts buttons on the OUTSIDE of a lift???


7. You’ve had a traumatic experience booking equipment on Siso

And then argued with the staff when they refuse to acknowledge that the system is wrong.


8. You have nothing to do in between lectures

It’s too far away for you to pop back home or go to the shops, and there’s only so many times you can walk through the Lowry Outlet.

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9. You can never find a seat in the library

Couldn’t it be a bit bigger?

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10. You’re grateful for the fact you study at such an awesome place

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