The next time you find yourself breaking down about the stress of exams, let yourself be comforted by the fact that you’re not alone; we all feel your pain.


Though exam season is technically in the past now, there are reminders of it everywhere. Whether it’s your lecturers handing out surprise quizzes, or seminar leaders helpfully reminding you that ‘this will be important later, wink wink’, you can’t escape the ever-present threat of eventual testing. Thankfully though, Twitter is on hand to lighten the mood with posts that are almost too relatable.

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1. We’ve all been there: relaxed in our dorms binge-watching the newest Netflix release, only to remember that university has actually started up again. Whoops.

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2. This tweet serves to reassure us all that we’re not the only ones with that friend who always insists they work harder than we do.


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3. Sometimes, crying is the only way to cope with exam stress. At least now, thanks to this handy Twitter hack, you don’t have to ruin all your hard work when doing it.


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4. Hey, you’ve earned at least a few shots if you’ve made it through every exam unscathed.


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5. Speaking of alcohol.


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6. This tweet, where Chris Pratt revealed his true form: a stressed student cramming the night before an exam.


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7. This one just epitomises every student’s thought process the night before an exam really.


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8. Sometimes it just really hurts to be tested on things that seem completely irrelevant.


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9. I mean, we all do it. Maybe one day we’ll take an exam and actually be able to answer every question the first time round. (yeah, I doubt it too)


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10. But, even amid all the pain, we must never forget the comforting words of Jeremy Clarkson.


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Disclaimer: exams are still important kiddos! Try your best, just don’t get too stressed.



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