One of our Hut Stuff contributors tells us how to 'make the most' of your much needed breaks in the library!

We’ve all been there. Exams and assignments are coming up and though you started the semester with the best of intentions... you didn’t do quite enough work during term time to tide you over for the coming weeks. So this means you’ll basically be living in the library for the next few days.

Now I’m all for library all-nighters or 9-9 12 hour stints, but scientists have proven that you can only effectively concentrate for so long before you need a break. This break will improve your work efficiency for the following hours. At least that’s along the lines of the official scientific report...

So, to help you out with your very effective and necessary break, here are ten ways to procrastinate in the library:


1. Go to the bathroom

Even if you don’t need to, it’s good to stretch your legs once in a while. And let’s be honest, with all those coffees/energy drinks you're having, it’s probably that time again.

2. Go and get a hot drink

If you don’t need the bathroom, you clearly haven’t been consuming enough caffeine. Down you go to the library cafe! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a cappuccino though; no one will judge you for getting that hot chocolate... we could all do with something warmth and comforting during this stressful time.

3. People Watch

Some people deal with exam stress remarkably well and others... don’t. Get your daily dose of entertainment watching that person on the other side of the room bang their head repeatedly against the wall. Maybe someone is taking a nap on the floor. Or, best of all, you could witness the big, buff guy opposite whose headphones aren’t properly plugged in listening to that very manly Celine Dion album.

4. Facebook

If you’re the type that prefers to stay at your desk in the hope of soon continuing your work, take your break by stalking the best friend of your old school friend’s ex boyfriend... she has such a lovely dog! If you've decided to leave Facebook for a couple of weeks to ‘try and get away from it all’ don’t worry, there’s plenty more way to procrastinate out there for you...

5. Youtube and the Net

If you’re looking for some different afternoon entertainment, why not take a look at a Youtube tutorial – maybe you’ll soon be on your way to a better you. If that doesn’t work out, at least there are lots of hilarious cat videos on there. And if that doesn’t float your boat, there are plenty of blogs and funny sites for you to choose from... Student Hut articles anyone?!

6. Get Food

Everyone knows that days spent in the library require far more food than normal days... just think of all those calories you’re burning while working on that essay question.  And just like library calories don’t count, exam time expenditure is different too. By doing well in these exams, you’ll get a better job and earn more money... so by spending 10 quid a day on food is actually 10 quid a day invested in your future...

7. Have a nap

Now I know, the nappers are usually the ones to laugh at. But you’ve just done a really long stint in here (maybe three hours already?!) and you’re exhausted. No one will notice if you quickly catch some shut-eye. And so what if your head is on the table? For all they know you’re memorising something and this is the most effective way to do it.

napping in the library

8. Peruse the library shelves

You mean libraries provide more than just tables, computers and coffee? Yes, strangely libraries also possess a large number of books, something we like to forget in our digital age. Why not go and have a look through your course’s section of books? Who knows, a quote from an actual book might be the thing to tip your marks to a first. And if this feels a little too much like real revision for you, go and have a look at a different course’s books. Hell, you could even pretend to be doing an entirely new degree... study the arts? Well, now you’re an astrophysicist. E=mc^2

fun isnt hard when youve got a library card

9. Make new friends

Look, 15 hours at a desk a centimetre apart can form bonds for life if you let it. Maybe offer your lovely neighbour one of your jelly babies or a biscuit... who knows? They could be the best friend you’ve always wanted. And so what if this brilliant friendship ends after your stint in the library? There’s always tomorrow, new day, new library buddy.

library friends
Above: You can always find people with similar interests in the library!

10. Find the ONE

Everyone’s heard of beer goggles right? Library goggles? Totally a thing. I don’t know whether it’s the sleep deprivation, high blood-sugar levels or general state of panic, but everyone looks more attractive in the library. So don your hipster nerd glasses and go on the prowl... maybe this time next year you’ll be celebrating your anniversary in the library where you first met... 

find the one at the library



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