Steep prices, burnt food and a real lack of choice - here are eleven reasons why Starbucks SUCKS!

Eleven reasons why Starbucks SUCKS - that's right, TEN! A lot of readers' jaws will drop that I can find a single fault with this global brand but let's be honest, it is extremely overrated. Come on, do you not agree? Read the reasons why the brand isn't all it is cracked up to be below!


1) They leave the UK out.

Only available in the U.S. Canada and Mexico… We didn’t want this unicorn frappuccino anyway!! Although, I’m sure a few of us could have used this as a revision pick-me-up… Were they inspired by this video?


2) The employees can't spell.

Is it really that hard to spell a name correctly? Think you guys need to go back to uni/college to refresh your spelling.


3) The flavour choices.

Since when did having something ‘burnt’ appeal to the average consumer? I would rather a normal caramel brownie if I’m paying a pretty steep price for it. Student life = not much money = make the most of the money you do actually get given.


4) Breakfast Choices.

Yeah, okay - it’s healthy and probably good brain fuel for getting your essay writing thinking cap on. Not very appealing to the eye though. Am I the only one that thinks that this looks like second-hand rabbit food in sawdust? I’ll pass thanks.


5) The smell of every store.

That overpowering scent that smells like stale old people hits you every time you open the door. *clears throat* How an earth can people write essays in here for hours? It truly baffles me.


8) The prices.

If you get the smallest Starbucks filter coffee every day for a week you would spend £15.75 whereas Nescafe Azzuro Americano is £3 for 55 cups worth of coffee. On a student budget, you should probably get the latter. Starbucks is pricey!


7) it is full of posers.


Don’t expect to make any study buddies in here. Most people will not lift their eyes from their laptop screens. Question: are they actually doing work or are they pretending to do work in Starbucks because it’s ‘cool’?


8) No semi-skimmed milk.

“Would you like full fat or no fat?”, what about us lot that like the in between?! I mean, seriously, where is the consideration? We have enough important, life-altering decisions to make like “what do you want to do with your life after uni?”.  


9) Slowly turning into shops as well as cafes.

Claustrophobic is an understatement. They fill far too much space with their ‘in your face’ merchandise!  Either have a shop or have a cafe, stop hybrid-ing it.


10) The coffee actually isn’t that good.

This is what it all comes down to. Sure, if the product was out-of-this-world then the hype would be understandable but it’s just disappointingly average. We need some good beans if we are going to absorb anything in lectures.

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So, there you have it - eleven reasons why Starbucks SUCKS!

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