We've put together a bucket list of all the things you have to do before you graduate.

Here’s your bucket list of things to do before you graduate and leave university for the real world.

1. Have a duvet day

sleeping doggo - things to do before you graduate

Students spend a lot of time snoozing under the duvet, passed out at the foot of the bed or napping on the sofa. When you properly join adult life, you won’t be able to do this anymore without wasting some of your valuable days of leave. So designate a day to PJs, hot chocolates and as many snacks as you can carry back from Tesco, and make the most of having the freedom to do absolutely nothing!

2. Go to a fancy dress party

things to do before you graduate - fancy dress

It’s just not as socially acceptable to wander around in a full smurf outfit when you can no longer play the ‘student’ card.

3. Throw a house party

things to do before you graduate - house party

And not just any house party - a house party to end all house parties. Invite as many people as you can fit in your little student pad, buy lots of cheap beer and dance until dawn. Next year, gatherings will look very different - you’ll have to put the cat in a spare room, start watching how much you drink on a school night and make sure nobody spills red wine over your hand-knitted sofa throw.

4. Go for drinks with your favourite seminar group

things to do before you graduate - beers

You might think you don’t like everyone in your seminar, and chances are you spent most of the year sitting together in awkward silence whilst your exasperated professor waited for a response to a very easy question, but you might find you have something in common. More than anything, it’s fun to see the quiet people get a little tipsy.

5. Thank your favourite professor

things to do before you graduate - thanks

It’s all too easy to finish exams, get your results, then throw yourself into post uni-life without a backward glance, but remembering the people who got you where you are today is important to do before you graduate. Maybe you had a professor who could turn the most boring topics into something truly exciting. Maybe there was one person whose office door was always open, even when you were sobbing at 9am. Maybe a tutor gave you a few home truths in your first year that helped you whip yourself into shape. Go and say ‘thanks’. It’ll mean a lot.

6. Make the most of those sweet discounts

things to do before you graduate - student discounts

So, you might not need a new pair of jeans, but you’ll resent having to pay that extra 20% six months down the line. Before you graduate, make sure you make the most of those student discounts - from cheap glasses to budget-friendly dresses.

7. See a Careers Adviser

things to do before you graduate - careers adviser

Yes, we know this isn’t exciting, but you don’t want to be that person who graduates and then has to ask everyone for careers advice. Trust us, your dentist has nothing to offer you in this department.

8. Volunteer

things to do before you graduate - volunteer

It looks damn good on your CV, you’re helping other people and your university can hook you up with some pretty sweet charities.

9. Enjoy the environment

things to do before you graduate - environment

If you’re not planning on living and working in the same area where you studied after graduation, then make sure you enjoy the environment while you’re still there. That might mean going to a local park, touring the surrounding countryside or visiting your favourite pub before you have to say goodbye! Make sure to take pictures and make memories!

10. Return those library books

things to do before you graduate - books

Remember all those letter threatening that 'you can't graduate university if you have outstanding library fines'? Well, be an outstanding student and return them.

11. Leave a course review

Loved your degree so much you’d marry it if you could? Hated it with the burning passion of a thousand suns? Then you should probably let someone know about that. Leave a review of your course or module today, and save someone from a similar fate. And doing it before you graduate will make sure the horror is still fresh in your mind.


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