Wondering just how university life and mega-popular Netflix blockbuster Stranger Things have anything in common? Let us explain...

We're not exaggerating (too much) when we say that university life can sometimes make you feel like a clueless tween fighting an epic battle against dark and terrifying forces... just like the kids in Stranger Things. That's why we've put together 11 (Eleven, get it?!) times university is just like an episode of everyone's favourite sci-fi series.

Chapter One

Gif. Stranger Things. Girl walking out of a shop with her arms full of junk food

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When you do your food shopping alone and feel like a "proper adult", despite only buying baked beans and pasta.

Chapter Two

Gif. Stranger Things. Man in bed waking up, checking watch and rolling eyes

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When you oversleep for your 9am lecture. Every. Single. Time.

Chapter Three

Gif. Stranger Things. Boy's arms in shot scribbling something quickly on a piece of paper

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When you leave your assignment to the last minute. You've done it before and you'll probably do it again. Stay strong, you've got this!

Chapter Four

Gif. Stranger Things. Close up of a girl's angry face. Camera getting closer as she looks up angrily

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When you have an important assignment due the next day and your upstairs neighbours decide to hold a tap dance party. And invite a bunch of elephants.

Chapter Five

Gif. Stranger Things. Group of 80s punks walking with purpose around a corner towards the camera

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When you and your squad dress up and head out on the town together looking completely fly.

Chapter Six

Gif. Stranger Things. Girl dancing while holding a cup and boy bopping wearing sunglasses

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When you've had 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4) shots too many at pre-drinks and you're loving life. 

Chapter Seven

Gif. Stranger Things. Three children sitting on the ground hugging

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When you drunkenly reunite with your friends after losing each other all night in the club.

chapter Eight

Gif. Stranger Things. Zooming out from a women's upset face while she looks at a hole in her wall

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When you wake up to see the mess in your kitchen after those crazy pre-drinks the night before.

Chapter Nine

Gif. Young boy opening door with cheeky smile

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When your parents visit and have no idea you’ve spent the morning cleaning up the pigsty in which you live 90% of the time.

Chapter Ten 

Gif. Stranger Things. Boys cringing and looking surprised

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When your lecturer (finally) completely shuts down that annoying know-it-all in the front row.

Chapter Eleven

Gif. Stranger Things. Close up of boy's wide-eyed and scared face

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When exam period rolls around and it starts to dawn on you just how much work you need to do to survive!

So there you have it, 11 times university is just like an episode of Stranger Things.

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