Polish the pointy teeth, sharpen the pumpkin carver, dust off that pointy hat and keep the cobwebs on because Halloween is officially on its way!


With the cost of freshers and all those new memberships, the first few months of uni can be the most expensive, which makes it trickier to build your spooky costume. So, here’s 12 costume ideas that even the poorest of students can pull together for the festivities.


Man in a black and white striped suit saying "it's showtime"

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Sticking to the Basics

Some face paint and creepy contact lenses will go far and easily cost you less than a tenner! You can really let your imagination run wild, or there’s the classic ‘Mexican Sugar Skull’ look if you’re feeling confident in your artistry.

Girl with her face painted to look like a jack-o'-lantern tips her top-hat to the camera

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Amazon Animal

Yes, it could be from the tropical rainforest if you like but I was thinking more about the website and let’s face it, Amazon has more cat costumes than exotic bird outfits available for one-day delivery. Either way, going for a spooky black cat is never going to get you many points for originality but hey, it’s a classic!

woman wearing fluffy ears headband pointing at them

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So here’s a very clever idea if you’re into your crafts… Buy a cheap black umbrella and cut it up to make wings!!! Find the instructions here

Man in a vampire costume

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Everyone has a scabby set of clothes lying in the back of the wardrobe just waiting for this moment! And if you don’t, well, make some! Tear up an old t-shirt and jeans, roll around in the dirt outside, dribble some fake blood over yourself and drag your feet when you walk. Hey presto - just another student after a rough night out.

two zombies walking in front of a plane

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Wednesday Addams

Got long dark hair and a pale complexion? Now’s your time to shine! Any black dress/skirt combo will do, add a white collar and those iconic pigtails to channel everybody’s favourite Addams family member.

Girl with her hair platted talking to a bald boy

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A GoT Wildling/ Yeti

Slightly more niche than some of the earlier suggestions but if you find a few furry items in the charity shops or happen to own a gloriously fluffy coat, you could easily pass this one off AND stay warm! If you’re ginger, now’s your chance to delve further than Scooby Doo’s Daphne, grab your bow and arrows and discover your inner Ygritte! If not… cover yourself in fur and be a hairy monster, the choice is yours.

Woman holding a bow and arrow, pointing it towards the camera

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There are two ways of pulling this one off: this standard old bedsheet trick or covering yourself in talcum powder and wearing white, really, it’s up to you.

person wearing a sheet to look like a ghost with a pair of glasses and fake nose over the top of the sheet

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Following on this ghost tangent, this is a far more intricate, but still affordable costume. Simply cover yourself head to toe in beige garments, stuff a plain-looking backpack with a shoe box and make those weird gun things out of cardboard and toilet roll tube. Decorate everything you possibly can with a handmade logo and strut about shouting ‘Who ya gonna call?!’

Woman licking a gun

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Donald Trump

Orange face paint, a wig if you can afford it, a suit and a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat. Purse your lips, squint your eyes, stick out those tiny hands and you’ll be the life of the party!

Donald Trump with tiny hands

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Crazy Cat Lady

Donn your dressing gown, place rollers in your hair and cuddle a few toy cats – comfy AND a clever costume!

crazy cat lady throwing cats

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Regina George

Of course, Mean Girls cannot be forgotten! You might think I am referring to the Halloween scene in the movie but there’s another scene that lends itself to a spectacularly simple but iconic costume. Just grab a white vest and cut holes in the boobs and voila! You have yourself a Regina George!

Girl in white vest with two purple dots on her chest

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The Invisible Man

If all else fails or you’re just saving yourself for Christmas, there’s no costume more effective than the Invisible Man. The key to this costume is to remain unseen… or absent.



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