The university term is almost done. If you are heading home, here's what you have to look forward to!

The summer is upon us. The exams are coming to an end and even the sun is coming out occasionally. However, this does mean that the year at university is coming to an end and for most of you that also means heading home for the summer. Many of you will be wondering how to cope living back home without all the excitement and freedom of university.

Sure it is likely to be quieter in the summer and you are likely to miss your uni mates. However, it isn't all bad! There are a number of things that you should be looking forward to when you head back home. Your parents will be missing you and there will be plenty of friends back from university for the summer too. Plus, think about the amount of food in the cupboards at home!


So here is our list of 12 reasons why it is great to be heading back home for the summer. 


University is great but for most of you, your diet has probably suffered throughout the year especially during the exam period. Having some home cooked food with some vegetables will do your insides a world of good. Cereal will once again go back to being an exclusively breakfast thing.


The biggest disappointment known to students is that their fridge doesn’t fill up automatically. It doesn’t at home either, but there is more likely to be a wider range of things in there to start with. At home there is always something in the fridge! And less food that’s gone mouldy.


You probably haven’t been able to keep in contact with everyone whilst you’ve both been away at uni. That’s normal but now you’ve got months to catch up on all the things that have happened in the last year. It may not be exactly like old times but if they are good friends that’s the way it will stay.


A television set is a bit of luxury at university and many students rely on watching BBC Iplayer and 4OD on their laptops. At home, the TV is likely to be bigger, better and ready for you to watch endless daytime TV.


Now you’re not at uni you don’t absolutely have to go on nights out three times per week! Actually, there probably won’t even be the opportunity to drink like you did during the uni term. Don’t think of this as a bad thing; a few months away the party lifestyle is definitely a positive. Your liver will certainly think so! Remember to bulk buy the green tea.


At university, especially ones with a large campus, it is very easy to get caught up in the ‘uni-bubble’. That's a place that doesn’t often encounter the real world and you look old at the age of 24! It’s a lot of fun and there is a lot going on, but deep down you know you can’t be in it forever! So spending time outside of this world is healthy and having some interaction with non-students is nice. Except, be prepared for the ‘so, what are you going to do with your degree question?’ People seem to like asking that a lot.


No matter how clean you and your housemates think you are, student living automatically means that there will be huge amounts of dirty things around. Usually this means a sink full of dirty dishes and cutlery, but it can be a lot worse! This doesn't happen so much at home. Plus, you may even have the luxury of a dishwasher.


No exams. No essays. No deadlines. Sure you may be working but in most jobs you are unlikely to given a poor mark for performance in the same way a university lecturer would mark an essay. The summer is great time to reset the batteries and be ready for more essays and assignments come October.


If you have a job, these couple of months could be the richest you’ve been all year. You may even earn enough to pay National Insurance! On the other hand, if you don’t have a job, the next student loan is due in late-September at the earliest, so good luck….


If you are feeling sad about leaving university for the next few months, you probably have some amazing things lined up for the summer to cheer you up. From groups holidays to the beach to festivals in Scotland you should have stuff to look forward to. If you don’t, get a last minute deal and book something now. Don’t waste the summer. Do something that everyone will be jealous of when you head back to university for freshers week.

Living Somewhere Mould Free

Even in the summer, mould grows in student houses and it doesn’t get dealt with. So it grows and grows and then it suddenly starts attacking your shoes. If your landlord is sympathetic you may get some paint to go over it. At home, if any mould starts emerging, the house goes into lock down until that mould is dealt with. Numerous cleaning products come out, the heating gets turned up to 100 degrees and there is talk of getting the asbestos guy in! This means your shoes will be safe again.


Having a normal sleep pattern seems to be a rare beast at university and I've never worked out why. If you aren’t going clubbing or rushing to do an assignment, why would you stay up to 4am before a 9am lecture? But students defy logic and usually end up not getting enough sleep. At home you can catch up on all that lost sleep and you may even be able to get up before 9am without it feeling like your head is being hit by tiny hammers.


No matter how close you are to your university friends, it's great to have a bit of family time. After a 4 month summer you might be less sure of this, but you know you'll miss it when you head back to uni for freshers week.

After reading this, we hope you are now looking forward to heading home for the summer. It will go so fast you'll be back at university again in no time!

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