Sometime's you'll date some hella weird people.

You'll find yourself dating some hella weird people while you're at uni, but it's ok because you're young and hot and can very much get away with it. 


1. The musician

 He’s crammed three guitars into his tiny room and only listens to vinyl. You’ll break up because, while he has several songs that refer to ‘Laura’ by name, he claims yours has too many syllables to shoehorn into his latest melody.

2. The dick pic guy

To be honest, you probably won’t actually date this guy, he’s just some random person you’ve known since secondary school who occasionally slides into your DMs with a sausage roll.

3. The guy who might not have realised he’s gay yet

Cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles. You’ll realise after the first few weeks, but stay for another month for the comfort.

4. The lad

They might first get your attention by throwing a ball of paper at the back of your head in a seminar, and they’ll take you on dates to All Bar One and won’t introduce you to their friends.

5. The ‘artist’

Wears dark, moody clothing, is impossibly romantic and somehow has you and four other girls and guys entwined in some sort of love pentagon. Tries to take artistic black and white photos of you at 5am.

6. The Stoner

You’ll spend 10% of your time doing the deed and the other 90% playing video games and gaining pizza weight.

7. The Mummy’s boy

We all love a man who’s in touch with his feminine side, but not when that feminine side means he goes home to see his mum every single weekend and leaves you alone and bored.

8. The tinder find

His bio reads ‘I love books, my dog, and travelling. Looking for someone to explore the world with’. In reality, he’s never adventured further than Tesco Express, and the dog fur on his pillows is simply off-putting.

9. That one weird older dude

You’re away from your parents and young and hot and he’s a bit ‘dangerous’. Until he starts discussing the colour he’s going to paint his shed (teak stain), and it all reminds you a bit too much of Daddy.

10. That one weird younger dude

You’re in your final year, he’s a Fresher, it’s all fun and games until he doesn’t get your Busted reference.

11. The “Feminist”

Wears a ‘This is What a Feminist Looks Like’ T-shirt, asks you whether his pants are tumble-dryable and remarks on how well Fiona Bruce is aging while you watch the news together.

12. The Tory

Red trousers, floppy hair, thinks Margaret Thatcher ‘had some good points’. Only drinks pints of ale.

13. The hippie

Has a Jeremy Corbyn badge pinned to his hessian bag, is a member of one of the four Marxist societies on campus (you can’t ever remember which one) and only frequents vegan cafes. Is an attentive and thoughtful lover, until he spots crunching your way through an entire a KFC Bargain Bucket after a night out.

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