We all need a little study motivation sometimes, so we've turned to Instagram to find you the very best.

1. Focusign 

If you’re into fancy stationery, clean aesthetics and bullet journalling (and if not, why not?) then focusign is the account for you.

study motivation - watercolour

2. Studyng 

This Malaysian science student is all about the washi tape and muji pens. Think gorgeous calligraphy and rose gold acessories.

study motivation - bullet journal

3. Studydiaryofamedstudent 

One for the clean, Scandi-look lovers, this account will give you intense desk jealousy. The study snacks also look delicious, with avocado and eggs (excellent brain food) appearing pretty often.

study motivation -  study snack avocado

4. Olideolivenza 

This veggie bullet journalist has a penchant for all things gold and covered in polka dots. You should probably listen to those inspirational study quotes too!

study motivation - polka dots

5. Annasdesk 

Anna from New Zealand has nailed the cute desk inspiration vibe. If brightly coloured notebook and prints of watermelons and ice cream are your thing, then she’s your girl.

study motivation - cute

6. Hannahbannanastudies

 I don’t mean to be rude, but if you don’t colour-coordinate your study notes with Pantone colour swatches then what are you doing with your life?

study motivation - pens

7. Comunicaluna

So extra aesthetic that it’s almost painful.

study motivation - glasses

8. Victoria_studies 

Victoria splits her time between Norway and Croatia, and is a medical student. This account will make you insanely jealous.

study motivation - Croatia Norway

9. Studywithannuska 

This girl loves her tea and her healthy snacks. Any one of her posts, printed out and hung on the wall, would look glorious.

study motivation - calendar desk

10. Brttstudies 

Mostly impressed from how much this one manages to study whilst snuggles under a duvet. Get your hygge on for this one.

study motivation - smoothie

11. Celinereads 

Less study inspiration, more ‘how to arrange your ordinary stuff so it looks glorious’ inspiration. Also, we want rainbow keys.

study motivation - taylor swift

12. Studyy.bells

Everything about this page is perfect.

study motivation - geography

13. Studenthut 

We couldn’t not blow our own trumpet now, could we?

study motivation - pretty paper

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