I am sure most people would agree; university changes you. That really got us thinking here at Student Hut - Miley Cyrus' story is actually really similar to that of a fresher...

1. Miley Cyrus rocked up on the scene all bright eyed and innocent.

As most freshers do, before University life corrupts them...

2. She got pretty drunk a few times and posed with alcohol.

Lets face it - we all did! (Check out the hipflask... #yolo)

3. She led a double life, living one way at home and a different way with her friends.

Unless you are incredibly transparent on all aspects of your personal life with your family, chances are you lived a little bit of a double life for a while...

4. She made a whole bunch of new friends.

Remember that song she did with Snoop Dogg? (Or Snoop Lion, as he was known at the time...)

5. She had a makeover.

Most people don't go as far as Miley did and cut off all their hair, but a lot of freshers do buy lots of new clothes and change up their style.

6. She broke up with her long-time boyfriend.

A  lot of relationships typically don't make it past freshers week, let alone through to second year...

7. She took up a new hobby.

Students are encouraged to join societies and take up new hobbies at university. In Miley's case: arts and crafts!

8. There was a LOT of fancy dress.

Because it just wouldn't be university if you didn't act silly and dress up once in a while...

9. She experimented with her sexuality.

Everyone knows a girl who would randomly make out with other girls on nights out at uni...

10. She had to deal with a lot of new stress in her life.

Contrary to popular belief, university isn't just one big party: you actually have to do work sometimes! 
Basically me before every exam:

11. She went out. A lot.

In her music videos, at least...

12. But she still managed to find the time to be serious once in a while.

Between twerking and sticking her tongue out, Miley set up the Happy Hippie Foundation, a non-profit organisaton fighting homelessness and the injsutices that face LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations. 

13. And now she is the Miley Cyrus we all know and have an opinion about! I am sure all will agree that she is definitely not the same girl she was at the start (Change happens, and thats OK!)

First year v. Third year:

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