If you spent your first year doing neck and nominate to the sound of Blurred Lines, you'll probably like this one.


A harmless, catchy summer tune? A Trojan Horse for misogony? A Marvin Gaye rip-off? A self-perpetuating hurricane of backlash and hype? Whatever it was, Blurred Lines was massive in 2013. You probably heard it on a lot of freshers nights out.

blurred lines robin thicke mysoginy

2. Breaking Bad Finished, People Shrugged

After dozens of episodes, months of hype and lots of articles telling you how to make blue meth candy, Breaking Bad finally came to an end. The last episode didn't exactly disappoint but it didn't amaze either.

breaking bad

3. Miley Cyrus GOt EVeryone Trying to twerk

The upshot of Miley Cyrus' bizarre new public persona was that everyone in halls was suddenly trying to twerk, with mixed results.

miley cyrus twerking

4. Tinder Got Big

2013 marked the first generation of students to come to university with Tinder as an established thing. Unsuprisingly, this was a bit of a gamechanger.

tinder freshers 2013

5. Flappy Bird

It's been almost two years and I still shudder to think about how much time I spent in lectures trying to make that damn bird fly. WHY WON'T YOU FLY, BIRD!?

flappy bird fresher

6. Shia Labeouf Wasn't Famous Any More

Well, except for the fact that he became way more newsworthy when he started wearing bags on his head and generally being a meme.

shia lebouf

7. Wolf of Wall Street Came Out

And it was f***ing awesome, awakening thousands of students' interest in drugs, yachts and Margot Robbie.

wolf of wallstreet

8. That Oscars Selfie

Bradley Cooper, Ellen Degeneres, et al. broke Twitter with an admittedly pretty awesome selfie. There's a good chance you retweeted it.

oscars selfie

9. Neck and Nominate

It's safe to say that most 2013 freshers put more effort into their 'Neknominate' than they did into their actual degrees.

neck nominate freshers 2013

10. Putting up with justin bieber

Come to think of it, 2013/4 was a big time for celebrity meltdowns, chief among them being Justin Bieber's descent into post-success lunacy. He does a great smiling mugshot though!

justin beiber

11. How I Met Your Mother Finished, People Were Mad

With hindsight, maybe we were only angry because there was about to be a lot less Neil Patrick Harris in our life.

neil patrick harris

12. The year of Pharrell

Between Get Lucky, Happy and Blurred Lines, Pharrell probably had a better year than you. He subsequently went on to wear a hat that still makes for an inexplicably hilarious photo.

pharell was everywhere in 2013

13. Photobombing Reached New Heights

If it's good enough for Benadict Cumberbatch, it's definitely good enough for your freshers nights out.

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