You still have no money.

Not much has changed from the carefree days of playing hopscotch in the playground and peeling PVA glue off of your hands. Yes, university is stressful, but so was never getting chosen to be the register monitor – devastating times. Here at Student Hut, this made us think, University is remarkably similar to primary school…

1. Regular snacks are essential…

Just like in primary school, at University food is extremely important for your happiness and crucial in preventing your stomach from making dying whale sounds during lectures.

Regular snacks at Uni

2. …as are frequent naps

Naptime is a staple in every student’s daily routine. The most popular student naps include the pre-night out power nap and our favourite, the procrastinap. How do people survive a day without one?

Falling asleep at Uni

3. You don’t take decision making too seriously

A lot of us go to University to delay living in the real world, so don’t take well to making serious decisions. Deciding what to wear to a fancy dress night is a struggle in itself, so career plans can wait. The tried and tested 'Yes/No' rubber technique is always a safe bet. 

Student Cooking at University

4. You don’t know the names of everyone on your course

As a kid learning 30 names was particularly difficult. As a young adult learning a few hundred names is equally impossible. This makes gossiping about your classmates tricky for your friends to know who you're talking about. You have to rely on where people sit in lectures or their celebrity lookalike to identify them.

Forgetting people's names


Assembly – the singing + tonnes of information you don’t have time to write down = Lecture.

Singing in Assembly

6. You cry to your parents when you’re stressed

In times of distress there’s only one solution – cry about it to your parents. Passing your misery onto your parents is the oldest trick in the book. Even though your problems have now changed from being pushed over in the playground to imminent deadlines, Mum and Dad will know what to do.

Crying on the phone to your parents

7. You don’t care what you look like

Being in a constant hungover and sleep deprived state does nothing for your appearance – but you don’t care. At Uni, onesie wearing is the norm and looking good is NOT a priority. Spending hours getting ready cuts into your precious sleep time and after all, lectures aren't fashion shows so what's the point? Nights out are your time to shine. 

Not caring about appearance at Uni

8. You wear a rucksack

As you get older the straps on your rucksack tighten. Practical and comfortable the trusty rucksack is no longer a fashion statement bejewelled with stickers and keyrings, but simply the best way to lug your stuff to lectures.  

Wearing a rucksack to Uni

9. You enjoy the same music 

Every University has a night dedicated to cheesy tunes from the 90s and when your childhood favourite comes on you cannot contain your excitement. Wannabe is your jam.

Dancing to your favourite song at Uni

10. NOT PARTICIPATING IN P.E. = skipping lectures (MINUS THE NOTE)

There’s nothing worse than being forced to do something you don’t want to. Forging a note excusing you from school P.E. lessons presented significant challenges (trying to make it believable that your Mum wrote it for one). Not bothering to turn up to a lecture is easy in comparison.

Writing an excuse note at school

11. You have no money

In primary school this was a given. Money from tooth fairy was about the extent of your annual income, and at least 13 years on you thought your finances would have improved. Unfortunately this is not the case. University is expensive and the rent, bills and socialising costs add up (thank goodness for student offers!), but that's what overdrafts are for...

Having no money at University


Being forced to finish your vegetables as a child will haunt you for the rest of your life. Luckily, when you get to Uni it’s up to you what you eat (unless you live in Catered Halls, that is). A salad doesn’t suffice at Uni. The health kick you’ve been meaning to start becomes a distant memory and takeaways and microwave meals seem the easiest option.

Eating fast food at University

13. Peer pressure is rife

From the days of being forced to join in a game of duck duck goose, to now being persuaded to go out against your will peer pressure continues to influence your life.

Peer Pressure at University

14. Calling Lecurers by their first name feels wrong

Making the transition from school to university comes with some uncomfortable changes, including not having to address your lecturer or tutor by their surname. Weird at first but you get used to it eventually.

Awkward moment at University

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