We may only be halfway through the second term, but every fresher will recognise these facts of being in your first year of university.

1. Not Understanding How to Buy groceries

You go on in intending to buy one item and end up buying ten, half of which are usually chocolate and booze. Now you just have to figure out how to carry it back…

carry all the groceries

2. Sitting in a seminar totally clueless

All the reading goes in the bin as soon as you reach the seminar. Seminar classes, you discover, are basically like A-level classes with harder content. As someone speaks about something deeply intellectual (and possibly nonsense), you suddenly wonder what you’re doing there and whether your degree was a mistake. Every time.

I am confused and sad

3. 9am lectures

I doubt even God is awake at this time. You go through these in a groggy, half asleep haze and come out remembering…well, nothing. Really gets you thinking about why you spent £9000 to torture yourself.

sleepy puppy

4. All-nighters

Sleep deprivation is pretty much guaranteed the next day but it’s worth it for the rewarding feeling of submitting an essay on time with five minutes to spare.

sleepy duck

5. January exams

Where do we start? Christmas holidays become kind of pointless if you just have to revise. It’s safe to conclude that January exams are just the worst thing ever invented, by anyone.

hello darkness arrested development go

6. Loud music player

There’s always that one person or flat in your block that will just play music at the worst times. To make matters worse, often it’s just rubbish music. Some people just need to be reminded that they’re in university halls and not an underground nightclub in Camden.

student dances to loud music

7. Disappointing club nights

You go out of your way to actually look good, only to be turned away because the club ‘has reached capacity.’ For a brief moment you consider tackling the bouncer and running inside but wisely decide it’s not worth it; a chilled night at home is probably better.

dancing in a bad club

8. getting far too familiar with the Library

You couldn’t have imagined getting lost in a library until you came to university. The struggle to find a decent study space cannot be underestimated. Then trying to open packets of food, let alone eat the contents, is a test of willpower as you struggle with the inconvenient truth that everything sounds louder in a silent place.

lots of books in library

9. Procrastination

After posting a tweet about your heavy workload you turn your phone off, dead certain on revising. But since you’re revising on your laptop, other distractions take hold. Damn you Facebook!

emma stone is bored

10. Society Notifications

You know you overdid it at the fresher’s fair when half of your emails consist of society newsletters. How do you make these emails stop when there’s no ‘unsubscribe’ button?

too many facebook notifications

11. Walk of Shame

You walk in late to your lecture, only to find 100+ pairs of eyes staring at you. You’re either one of two people; those who sit in the nearest available seat at the front to avoid this temporary fame or the person who insists of climbing the creaky stairs to sit near the back. Anywhere but the front basically.

game of thrones bellringer shame

12. Shared Accomodation

No-one ever warns you of the paranoia that grows when you’re living with flatmates. You’re pretty sure you bought a multipack of 6 crisps and a carton of juice, but now there’s only 4 packets and half a carton left. This is despite the fact you’ve barely touched either. Hmm…

Drink milk kill person

13. Wordcounts

Whydowehavethese again? In order to try and get anywhere near the amount required you end up writing utter nonsense. So although writing concisely is apparently a valued skill, you’re forced to write what could have easily been a 1,000 word essay in 2,000 words. Makes sense.

karl pilkington frustrated

14. Househunting

Because it’s completely reasonable that you've been in uni for three months and you’re already being forced to look for housing for next year.

woman is stressed out

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