Yes, you are old.

The next class of univeristy freshers will soon be upon us, carrying with them an unnecesary amount of kitchen equipment and overly high expectations of student union nights out. Terrifyingly, these students were born in late 1998 at the earliest and mid-1999 at the latest. Here are just a few things that are older than your future coursemates.

Pokemon Red and Blue

The original in the 'catching wild animals in tiny balls and making them fight for you' genre dropped way back in 1996. The next wave of undergrads may never have known the pleasure of buying the same game twice to get a different cover art.

        Pokemon Red BLue


Yup, the class of 2019 shares a birthday year with a certain search engine, founded in California in 1998. Feast your eyes on this early (and hideous) logo.

Google Logo


Other big cinematic milestones missed by 2016 freshers include Men in Black, Tomorrow Never Dies, Saving Private Ryan, and Batman & Robin. They're probably not upset about that last one.


The Good Episodes of The Simpsons

Season 10 of The Simpsons (aka the one where it all started to come apart) premiered in August 1998. It was all downhill from there.

The Simpsons Season 10


Yes, that's both the album and the film. How else have they spiced their life up?!

Spice Girls


Released to the public in 1998 and still the standard way to release films, DVDs banished forever the 'joys' of watching films on grainy videotapes and having to rewind them when you were done. 


Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

Never mind The Philosopher's Stone, most of the next wave of freshers weren't alive when the second (and, let's face it, worst) Harry Potter book hit shelves. Some may not even have arrived in time for the Prizoner of Azkaban in 1999.

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets

Arya Stark

Or, more correctly, Maisie Williams. The Game of Thrones actress was born April 15, 1997 and would probably be going into her second year of undergraduate study now if she wasn't making all of the acting money instead.

Maisie Williams

Spyro The Dragon

Spyro the Dragon first graced our screen in 1998. Had he been born in our world (and not been, you know, a dragon) Spyro would now be old enough to neck jaegerbombs on a post a-levels holiday to Zante.

Spyro the Dragon

This goal from Michael Owen in the 1998 World Cup

The young England striker, himself 18 at the time, displayed a foot like a traction engine with this smashing goal.

The Death of Frank Sinatra

Imagine how bad it must feel to have never shared a world with an icon as massiave as Frank Sinatra (or indeed anyone else that died before 1998).

Frank Sinatra

Windows 98

*squints at screen in disbelief*

Windows 98

The First iMac

*continues to squint at screen in disbelief*

Original iMac


The horror. THE HORROR. To be honest next year's freshers are probably lucky to have had less time with these bug-eyed but weirdly adorable monsters.


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