From Snapchat to the cinnamon challenge, 2012 was a good time to be a fresher.

1. Gangnam Style

The soundtrack to Freshers’ Week 2015. The song that marked the start and end of Psy’s fame in the UK and that spawned hundreds of parodies, ranging from the funny to the execrable.

2. More Gangnam Style

Seriously, words cannot communicate how many times Gangnam Style was played at student nights out in 2012.

3. Taking Up a Daft Sport You Saw in the Olympics

...and then dropping it a few weeks later. Still, those archery lessons were fun while they lasted, eh?

4. It was the year everyone started saying YOLO

And now let’s never speak about it again.

5. That nice President Obama got re-elected

Because even the American Presidential election was a suitable excuse to get drunk in first year.

6.The cinnamon challenge

Sorry neck and nominate, the best life-risking viral crazy was unquestionably the cinnamon challenge.

7. Felix Baumgartner jumped from space 

He did a tweet about it and everything! Meanwhile, you failed to get up for your 9am lecture. 

8. There was this great show on Netflix called breaking bad

“You can stream all the episodes in one go and everything! I’m sure this won’t be detrimental to our studying at all…”

9. People’s justifications for reading 50 Shades of Gray

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

10. Hearing Call Me Maybe/ Don’t You Worry Child On Every Night Out

 Possibly the best combo for drunken 1AM singing with your flatmates to this day.

11. Horse Head Masks

I’m still not quite sure why these became a small phenomenon but I’m quite glad that they did.

12. Everyone in Halls Getting Snapchat within About 48 Hours

That was an unproductive week, even by first year standards.

13. Vine

Spare a thought for the freshers up and down the country who briefly tried to launch themselves as vine comedians.

14. Being Pioneers in the Field of Crippling Student Debt

“It’s okay though, the job market will be so booming in 2015 that by the time we graduate we’ll pay off that £50,000 in no time! Right? Right?!?” Just try not to think about what else you could have done with the money

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