Did they say lie on your front or your back...

1. I am SO ready to be relaxed.

Relaxed hedgehog

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2. Oh god I have to take my clothes off.

3. Am I doing this spa day thing right?

Man eating cucumber  

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4. Did they say lie on your front or back?

5. Are they coming back in or am I going to be stuck under this towel on this bed forever?

6. Shit I forgot to shave my armpits.

7. What if I get so relaxed I fall asleep?

Cat wrapped in towel with cucumber on eyes

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8. Oh god what if I fart?

9. Is my nipple hanging out?

Man with hands on chest

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10. How long have I been in here?

11. That’s a bit too hard but am I going to say so.....lol nooooo.

12. I wonder how weird I look right now

Cat enjoying being brushed

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13. Am I dribbling?

14. Aaand it’s over. Am I relaxed? I can’t tell.

After my recent spa day, I've come to the conclusion that no matter what, I will always be thinking about it way too much to fully relax. Is this going to stop me going on spa days? Hell naah.

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