Dizzy, headachy, sleepy, feel sick and looking for hangover cures in Cardiff? Whether you fancy something greasy or something jam-packed full of vitamins, we have all of the best hangover cures in Cardiff nailed!

Looking for hangover cures In Cardiff? It really is never fun... The only thing that can pull you out of it is some good grub followed by a food coma duvet sofa session watching Netflix movies back-to-back. Trust us when we tell you that you haven’t experienced the full advantages that food can bring until you have been to these places hungover. It’s like they were designed to help your insides feel better after filling it with sambucca shots and beer all night. Give that belly a bit of TLC and let it gorge its way through what these delicious places have to offer.

1. Ramons/Ramones

64 Salisbury Road, Cardiff CF24 4AD

If your student loan balance is running low then this traditional british breakfast cafe is the place for you. The prices are dirt cheap and the atmosphere is fab. It is full of students who usually feel the exact same way that you do. Welcome to the zombie apocalypse (joking). The breakfasts are your classic, run of the mill british fry ups which make enough grease to help replace the vodka that you did shots of last night. It is super close to the most popular student housing area in Cardiff which means that you won’t have to venture far from your house (hopefully) to reach this little student treasure.


2. Cafe 37

37 Salisbury Rd, Cardiff CF24 4AA

Almost directly opposite Ramon’s is this relatively large American-style cafe/diner. You’d think it would be a competitor but they offer such different experiences with completely different vibes that people usually favour one over the other depending on what they fancy and how they feel. This place is all about the retro diner style and I have to say, the American pancakes with maple syrup and bacon - AMAZING. Plus, you get a free tea/coffee or juice with certain breakfasts which is always a perk. I usually down cartons and cartons of orange juice when I’m hungover - need that Vitamin C see!!!


3. Fuel juice bar

Hangover Cures In Cardiff - fuel cardiff

29-31 The Hayes, Cardiff CF10 1GA

Perfect for those who cannot stomach the idea of food. They even have a ‘Detox Fuel’ smoothie. It will sort you right out. Trust me, I have been there! An absolute tonne of vitamins, re-hydration and natural antioxidants all in one cup with a straw and super fast, easy service means that you can feel better quickly. Hopefully, fingers crossed… How much sambuca did you drink last night? Oh dear.


4. Kaspa’s

Hangover Cures In Cardiff - milkshakes

103-105 City Rd, Cardiff CF24 3BN

If you have a massive sweet tooth and are currently in the hungover stage of the  ‘I NEED SUGAR’ shakes this place will be an absolute dream for you. They offer desserts that will literally make you drool everywhere while you read the menu. There is no other place quite like this in Cardiff. It is the ultimate dessert destination. The ice cream here is perfect if you want to avoid thinking about the mistakes you made and how embarrassing you were last night by comfort eating. Falling off the stage in Live Lounge? Yep, that did actually happen, it wasn’t a dream.


5. Domino’s

Multiple locations

If you cannot muster the courage to seize the day and absolutely need to stay cocooned in bed then definitely opt for this gloriously greasy Italian specialty! It is bound to make you feel better. If not, at least it will send you off into a lovely post-pizza sleep so that you can suffer for less of the day.


6. Albany Fish Bar

18 Albany Rd, Cardiff CF24 3RQ

There is nothing quite like fish and chips when you are (figuratively) dying (if literally, seek help!) from alcohol consumption. Pop to this little place and speed walk home, curl up like Voldemort’s dying baby corpse when his soul becomes detached from Harry’s and scoff. Have a nap and when you wake up, you will feel human again. It is a miracle. You might even hear angels sing joyous tunes when you wake! It is the actual cure.


7. The Cosy Club

St David's Dewi Sant Cardiff, 1 Hills St, Cardiff CF10 2LE

If you need to be in a chill environment that sells well presented and good quality but slightly pricier breakfasts, this is a fab place. If I want to make myself feel better about myself, I’ll go for the ‘Rather Elegant Brunch’ so that I can feel all supreme and smart while I sit there looking like the girl from The Ring. What you feel on the inside shows on the outside right? So if I eat elegant food that totally means that I’ll transform from hungover scary thing into a glam gal!  


8. Cornish Bakehouse

Hangover Cures In Cardiff - cornish pasty

11 Church St, Cardiff CF10 1BG

If you are going to have a pastie do it right. Do not settle for Greggs or I will personally hunt you down and give you a ‘what are you doing?!’ glare. Cornwall do them properly and this place offers top notch versions of the classic cornish delicacy. They offer all of the elements needed to help nurse you back to normalcy - iron from the meat, vitamins from the veg and carbs from the pastry just because... CARBS!  They don’t disappoint on portion sizes or quality either, holding a Greggs pasty next to one of these beasts will actually make you laugh out loud. It is beyond comparison!


9. Five Guys

9a, The Old Brewery Quarter, St Mary St, Cardiff CF10 1AD

Enough said. Just from the brand name. I mean, hello, you can get Powerade on tap! Although… the company is very Americanised and not Welsh (see below) it does give you the level of grease required to attempt to mend you back to health.


10. The Grazing Shed

37 St Mary St, Cardiff CF10 1AD

Anyone who isn’t welsh or lived in Wales may well think that these burgers are neat creations but we know different… They are ‘super tidy’ meaning ‘well nice’. In fact, it was voted number one best burger joint in Wales 2017. The ‘Frisky Chicken’ is my absolute favourite! I am desperate to find out what magical ingredients they put into their ‘boom boom mayo’ but I guess a magical chef never reveals such secrets! This restaurant is so fresh that they even cook their own bread daily! They claim that the food is special because it is ‘made from the heart’… It’s this kind of care that you definitely need to get through your hellish hangover. After one bite, your whole body will release a sigh of relief.


11. Milk and Sugar

9-10 Windsor Pl, Cardiff CF10 3BX

If you are feeling under the weather and need to stay in the fresh air, there is seating available outside of this cafe for you to breathe free and easy. There is also a bar right next door called Buffalo (I highly recommend it) if you get sick of feeling hungover and would rather carry on being drunk (not highly recommended) you could always pop in there.

In all seriousness though, this lovely little cafe offers oak-smoked bacon (can I get an ‘oooo’?) and the good old classic sub serves it well. The food is all locally sourced as well so you know it’s going to be lush if it’s Welsh!


12. Mission Burrito


The Friary, Cardiff CF10 3FA

Get your fill of mexican style food in a flash. This brand has super fast customer service with a different person at every stage in the burrito making process. It means that you won’t have to wait long for your food which is what you need when you are hanging out of your (insert word here). You can have it jam packed full of meat, beans, rice and veggies with good old guacamole and salsa or if you want something a little less filling, opt for the salad.


13. The Early Bird

38 Woodville Rd, Cardiff CF24 4EB

The brunch here covers all different taste ranges… Sweet or savoury! It is presented in some of the most beautiful ways and the flavours are incredible. I highly recommend the ‘Let’s Get Ready To Crumble’ french toast. If you are a sugar fiend like me, it is literally the one. It is situated right in the heart of student housing central which means that you do not have to trek far on your tired little legs to get to this yummy destination. You can even take some tasty, fresh, bakery snacks away with you to enjoy throughout the rest of your day.


14. Got Beef

Hangover Cures In Cardiff -  burger

83 Whitchurch Rd, Cardiff CF14 3JP

If you are craving flavoursome protein,  this is the place for you! The burgers and toppings here are absolutely divine. Plus, the names on the menu are bound to turn that hungover, helpless frown upside down - it’s pun-fully funny. My favourite is ‘The Soprano’, I’m not biased or anything but gosh, does that jalapeno mayo wake you up!


15. Uncommon Ground Coffee Roastery

10-12 Royal Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1AE

If your hangover is making you desperate for caffeine, there is no fresher than Uncommon Ground. They are super passionate about their quality of roasting and this shows once you take one sip of your glorious beverage. The cafe’s vibe is very chill and has dim lighting. Great for someone who is feeling rather delicate and would like to hide away in the corner to suffer in silence.


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So there you have it, all the best Hangover Cures In Cardiff!

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