Being an English student comes with lots of pro's and con's! Here at Student Hut, we arranged a list of our top 15.
  1. You must use the dreaded comma correctly. If used incorrectly by more than one student, you will get a whole lecture dedicated to explaining there proper purpose and when/how they should be used.

  1. You get introduced to reading new genres that can completely blow your mind and change your outlook.

  1. You start to question whether the writer actually did mean anything by the sentence they wrote or if you are just thinking too deeply into it.

  1. You sometimes wonder what on earth was going through the writer’s head at the time of writing the piece because it is so strange, you just can’t work out where it would have come from.

  1. You cannot wait to read what you willingly want to read during the summer.


  1. You have three books and two poems to read ready for next week, do people really not understand why you are more antisocial than them?

  1. Your best friend is Sparknotes when you have forgotten to read the text.

  1. You are always gobsmacked when a film is actually better or is equal to the quality of the book.

  1. You must rent any required reading books from the library ages before an essay is due in order to avoid disappointment. 

  1. You often get excited when someone who isn’t another english student has read a book you love.

  1. You finally feel as if your purpose has been fulfilled, you never knew that your inability to concentrate from daydreaming and your habit of overthinking everything could come to good use.

  1. You hate any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in printed/digital text and you are the first to point it out if it’s on a restaurant menu.

  1. You never realised how big textbooks could be until you started university. The Norton Anthology of poetry is killer to lug around!

  1. You have finally found people (your fellow English buds) who understand that your first love was actually (cough, Stephenie Meyer/J.K. Rowling) Jane Austen… They too would also rather spend their evenings tucked in bed with a good book.

15.   You get offended when people laugh at your degree and say it doesn’t count because all you do is read books. If only they knew!

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