Going home for the summer is great...until it isn't.

1. You have loads of stuff from uni that you can’t do anything with

Guess your kitchenware and stolen traffic cones will have to live in the garage for a few months.


2. There is literally too much food in the house to fit inside your body

After months of cooking on a student budget, suddenly you sympathise with those snakes that eat themselves to death.

Homer eating in bed

3. It is no longer acceptable to stumble in at 3am on a night out

What is it with parents and not wanting you to stagger home in the small hours and pass out on the kitchen floor? No-one in halls ever had a problem with this.

Robot Falling DOwn

4. And even if you get in at an acceptable time you have to pretend to not be drunk

You were pretty sure your bluff worked at the time but your parents' pitying looks the next day suggest otherwise.

Leslie Knope is Drunk

5. The separation from your local uni kebab shop is so painful it *physically hurts*

Life without late night garlic mayo chips is literally and figuratively flavourless. 

Wolverine misses his kebab

6 Your department keeps sending you emails about next year’s work

You then have to expend precious seconds of your finite life filing them at the bottom of your to do list.

Woman tried to care about work

7. All of your local clubs play terrible music and have no good Jägerbomb deals

It's like being in sixth form again except this time you know how much better clubs can be.

Nightclub man

8. It’s not even August and you’ve already GOt through all the Best SHows on Netflix

Guess it's time to rewatch Breaking Bad.

Edward Norton Watching TV

9. Your summer job is grim enough to put you off ever working again 

You can keep your graduation thanks, this is no way to live.

Tyrion is not suited for work

10. At Least One Insufferable coursemate got an internship in the city

And now they're wearing a suit and in a rooftop bar. They don't even know how to cook pasta!

Mad Men Laughing gif

11. You forgot how awful explaining university to family friends is

No-one warned you that going to university would require you to explain your degree to dozens of family friends every summer.

Shut Up Breakfast Club 

12. You try and at least enjoy the weather

But then remember that you live in the UK :(

Sad David Tenant in Rain

13. You get bored for the first time in 9 months

Like, actually bored. Univeristy was so exciting you forgot this was a thing.

Princess Carolyn bored

14. Your parents actually have cleaning standards

And they insist on stupid rules like “not building a throne out of pizza boxes” or “regularly changing your sheets”.

Chicken on hoover

15. Seeing your school friends is great, but soon you start missing uni friends real bad

Bonds formed over freshers' nights out and exam stress are pretty hard to break.

I miss you

16. It’s over before you got a chance to appreciate it

Joking aside, there's a lot to enjoy about summer. It's just a shame that usually it's over just as soon as you start (Image: Sahlooter)

Relaxing summer

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